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Moscow international automobile salon 2016: a harbinger of the autopilot

Московский Международный Автомобильный Салон 2016

On 24 August – 04 September 2016 is held the next Moscow International Automobile Show (MIAS), which traditionally introduces its guests with novelties of the Russian and world automotive industry.

What technologies are being implemented today in the automotive space as part of the launch of the new car market? Which direction looks the car market and what kind of transport solutions we can expect in the coming years?

Using the example of the newest cars, the most striking in our view, we offer our readers an overview of the technological trends of the market. Advice on new products and implementing them in innovation we got from the experts:

  1. Sergei L. Korovin, General Director of “Obukhov center”, official dealer of Volvo,
  2. Alexey V. Guskov, National Coordinator of the Russian technology platform “Environmentally clean transport “Green car” (SSC RF FSUE “NAMI”),
  3. Paul Krayushkin, Head of product management at “Mercedes-Benz Rus “,
  4. Andrey Rodionov, Head of corporate communications at “Mercedes-Benz Rus”

After reading this series of interviews, You will see that the technology of the future are much closer to us than we could imagine. Today are already introduced elements of future Autonomous driving, information technology, economy and ecology. They gradually open the way to the consumer as options, but, at the same time, it prepars platzdarm for the new transport thinking. So, let’s give the word to the experts.


Премьера Volvo S90 на МИАС, от компании Обухов
New Volvo S90 was represented by Obukhov company at MIAS 2016

The novelty of the famous Swedish Volvo S90 2016 / 2017, was presented by the official brand’s dealer in Russia – JSC “Obukhov center”, which since 1995 has been selling, servicing and engineering of the Volvo cars.

“Innovations. Native of Sweden” – so tells the slogan representing the car on the website of the representative office of Volvo in Russia.

E Vesti: You’re a dealer of the Swedish brand, and, despite the difficult situation in the Russian economy, you’re presenting the launch at the motor show?

S. Korovin: We are today the only dealer at the show who decided to show a new car. The company itself decided to participate in the international exhibitions in only three continents – the US, China and Europe, where their sales expectations are even exceeded. The time in our country is heavy now and the volume of sales falls.

Nevertheless, we present at the exhibition the whole range of Volvo with its flagship – VolvoS90. We support the brand with more than 20 years engaged in the sale and service of Volvo cars. Our slogan: “Volvo is “Obukhov”, “Obukhov” is a Volvo”. With this participation in Auto Show, we decided not only to remind of the company, but also of our brand.

E Vesti: What is shown here from Volvo technological solutions?

S. Korovin: Everything You see on our stand is an individual decision, ranging from the exclusive matte color of the Volvo XC90, which is not done even at the factory in Sweden to our legendary Volvo 850, which is the first car that took part in 1997 in the exhibition. We are engaged in engineering and all the cars are modified by our unit “Obukhov engineering”.

If we look at Volvo S90 – this is new premium sedan with petrol and diesel engines, which will be shipped to the Russian market in the first quarter of 2017. We provide a unique opportunity for visitors to see the new car, to touch it.

This is the first model on the SPA platform, which will be the basis of a whole model range. For example, in III-IV quarter of 2017 will be a new Volvo V90 Cross Country – replacing the bestseller XC70.

After Ford sold Volvo, the company began to move away from its standards and applied new technology Drive.

E Vesti: Explain, please, the essence of applied technology from positions of the world principles of efficiency, sustainability, auto-pilot etc?

S. Korovin: In Volvo S90 economical and environmentally friendly engines Drive-E, which corresponds to the European standards in the next few years. Plus new information “tablet” system, which provides easy navigation, vehicle control. This gives connectivity with iPhone, Android, car, driving via the telephone, starting and stopping of the engine, its warming in winter, cooling in summer, search of cars in the Parking lot and so on including VolvoonCall – global support system of the car. It is important to designate all-wheel-drive system, equipped with pneumatic suspension for a more comfortable movement. And 5 metres of splendid design.

E Vesti: Will hybrid types of engines be supplied?

S. Korovin: Hybrid engines in Russia were not imported because they are not yet in demand here. We have been trying to sell the Volvo V60. We sold about a dozen machines. Not every buyer understands, why he should have an expensive car with an electrical socket. This technology is not yet dear to our consumer in our segment.

As soon as either the government will make some steps, either the market will push us to sell new engines, hybrid powertrains will be supplied too. In Europe such cars are already sold.

E Vesti: As a dealer and engineering company, please, advise what things our premium customer especially appreciates in the car?

S. Korovin: Individualism. All the vehicles are individualized for needs of each client. Here you can see 9 cars. We have specially manufactured these units, applied innovative technologies and demonstrated them to our customers. Five of the eight cars are already purchased by customers. You can see that five of the exhibited vehicles got number plates.

What is tempted the people? Everyone wants to create a personality, to add flavor. We start from what the client wants.

E Vesti: In servicing of Volvo, as far as I know, there is also the desire for individualization?

S. Korovin: Modern Volvo standards, which are implementing around the world including Russia, is a “Personal mechanic” able to perform the full range of operations. These standards are opposed to the former American system of extreme division of labor.

We, “Obukhov”, go ahead and offer a guarantee of quality aftersales service. We have a fleet of 100 “replacement” car (an adequate substitute for car in repair – approx. ed.), field master instead of the need to come to the service, the online coordination and control of work – many things that, in our opinion, are excellent. I believe that if a person has ever been in a 5 stars hotel, it will aim there. He will be ready to shorten their stay, to go to another country, but to go back to the same quality. My mission is to make the client into contact with us, sought again to us for this reason.


На ММАС 2016 Mercedes-Benz Rus представило инновационные модели
Mercedes-Benz Rus represented new models at MIAS 2016

Novelties of the famous German brand Mercedes-Benz which has become in Russia a household name to refer to the premium luxury car. The launches are presented by the Russian representative office of ZAO “Mercedes-Benz Rus”.

On the official website of the company it is said that Mercedes-Benz makes in the new E-Class another important step on the way to accident-free and automatic driving. Read more about novelties of a company what is told by its representatives.

E Vesti: Good afternoon, tell, please, what are the latest technologies brought by Mercedes-Benz at MIAS?

A. Rodionov: We have two main novelties: the first is Mercedes-Benz GLC-class coupe, we show for the first time in Russia; the second is presented at the stand is the totality of the AMG cars with index 43. These cars belong to the bottom rung of the range of AMG engines with 367 HP power which is enough to show qualities of sports cars. In addition, we present C-class cabriolet, S-class cabriolet, the last E-class generation.

From the point of view of technology, one should pay attention to vehicles equipped with hybrid drive systems. These cars are with the index “e” (gasoline engine + electric motor) and plug-in hybrid cars which can be recharged from the home electricity.

Of course, our vehicles are equipped by sophisticated systems that have already become for us common like: the driver assistance system, roundabouts, retaining strip, the taxiing when unauthorized leaving of the band, etc. But the main theme, of course, is hybrids.

There is no fully electric cars.

E Vesti: Would it be possible to order these cars?

A. Rodionov: All the exhibited cars are already on sale or will be sold from September 2016, including hybrids. The only exceptions are Formula 1 cars.

E Vesti: Can we see here examples of autonomous driving, which is the global trend of the future?

A. Rodionov: Our new E-Class is equipped with certain elements of the system of Autonomous driving. Using the option called DRIVE PILOT, the machine is able to overtake ahead going car and rebuilt again in its lane, automatically maintain the correct distance to ahead going car and follow them at speeds up to 210 km/h.

E Vesti: If we talk about trends in ecology and economy of resources?

A. Rodionov: In this case we’re talking of hybrids, because they allow to significantly save on costs.

Krajuschkin P.: We launched a new E-Class in this spring, which comes with 4-cylinder diesel engine OM654 with improved neutralization of exhaust gases. It utilizes a new principle of arrangement with the division on the “cold” and “hot” side of the engine. In hot side of the engine (on the engine itself, instead of previously used layout), right after the catalytic converter, on the exhaust manifold is mounted a special evaporator with AdBlue liquid now. It is followed by the diesel particulate filter and one additional exhaust converter. New technology effectively neutralizes exhaust gases even with a cold motor, right after its launch, when the exhaust gases are especially toxic. The proportion of nitrogen and water in the exhaust gas grows, and the percentage of the most environmentally hazardous nitrogen oxides and carbon minimizes.

OM 654 engine makes its debut in the E-Class, and then it will be represented as widely as possible in the model range, not only cars, but LCVs also. He has to become one of the most popular diesel engines supplied with Mercedes-Benz models.

Another important aspect is its cost-effectiveness. Test-drives show that conjunction of the new motor with the new 9-speed automatic transmission 9G-TRONIC makes a reality of consumption of 4.5 liters per 100 km. Fill the tank, and one filling is enough for 1’000 km.

E Vesti: Does these models bring new items of information technology?

Krajuschkin P.: If we talk about innovation in that area, it is again the E-Class.

The concept of Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive, implemented in the new E-Class, combines innovations in the field of safety and comfort, making it the most “smart” business-class sedan. Such intelligent systems make Mercedes-Benz not only a benchmark in the automotive industry, but also make another important step on the way to accident-free and autonomous driving. Thus, the driver feels the safety, comfort, load and fatigue reduction in a completely new scale. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive concept was presented in such areas of E-Class as auxiliary and security systems, parking and communication systems, lighting and others. For example, speed limits control is supported by a video camera and navigation system for recognition speed limits and for automatic adjustment of driving speed in conjunction with distance control (Distronic) and telematics system (COMAND Online).

E-Class allows remote control of the car parking by using the Remote Park-Pilot from your smartphone. This function is active in a number of countries, including Germany, due to it is not prohibited by legislation.

Innovative technology is inherently not cheap and for the mass market has not yet become a necessity yet … But it will take time and something of what is now an innovation, and it seems exotic, will become as commonplace and familiar as heated seats or seat belts.

The development of technology has been steadily moving towards autonomous driving. Despite the obstacles, including those of a legal nature, it is a global trend.


ММАС 2016. НАМИ представило проект Шаттл
MIAS 2016. NAMI presented a draft Shuttle

NAMI institute, founded in 1918, is today the heart of the Russian automotive science. In his focus we find: the creation of innovative environmentally friendly transport, scientific research, computer engineering and standardizing the industry. One of the most promising projects he worked together with the domestic automakers, is a project Shuttle – a new approach to the transport system of the city.

E Vesti: Please tell me what new technological word carries Your project Shuttle to Russian consumer?

A. Guskov: Our project Shuttle is not for the consumer at all. This project means completely new transport solutions, where it will be fully automated transport system.

Today there is a conflict between the municipal government of such city as Moscow, and the private motorists. The city restricts motorists from streets and areas, introduces paid Parking. The motorists have no choice, but to fight for their rights using public methods. We offer conflict-free solution of the problem (which we last year worked, conducted focus groups, collected marketers). Approach: it is necessary to create conditions in which individual transport is not profitable and there us no need of developing transport capabilities. Public transport, as well as the private cars, will disappear.

There is a remote intellectual center, which is under the management of a large group like these (see on the picture) of 6 sitting and 6 standing places. The center creates the opportunity to work with them completely controlling the movements and assessing the individual routes from the entrance to the entrance”.

The consumer, for example, in the smartphone, like in YandexTaxi, creates a point of destination and special requests (for example, to transport had no other passengers – it will only affect the price). But instead of a taxi coming here is coming.

Overall, we get higher occupancy than private car, the average is 6. But we will not have a route and stops, we have adaptive built under the user path. Prices – not public transport, but not taxis.

For the city – through a centralized system the number of cars on the pathways will be planned in advance. The complete absence of traffic jams as such. Operation will be cheaper.

E Vesti: Please tell me why would the Shuttle do not sell to private individuals?

A. Guskov: It is not profitable. Why?

E Vesti: Why buy a Mercedes-Benz, not to rent?

A. Guskov: It’s the economy, we offer an economic solution to the transport problem. We have all the features of public transport with low cost areas within one trip.

You can order it individually, but then it will be the cost of a taxi.

E Vesti: It would consist of a driver?

A. Guskov: No, of course not, why? The driver introduces uncertainty. It is 100% external management, it’s a “cloud information”, where a partnership with Yandex. Transport applications are almost ready like Transport Yandex, Yandex Taxi, etc. It remains to add the brain that will build adaptive ways instead of routes.

E Vesti: The Shuttle already goes?

A. Guskov: No, in Russia there is no operated auto pilot transport, because there is no regulatory framework for it. A set of regulations are now in the process of in the program Avtonet: the first is the law, then a vehicle and launch of production.

While this machine is being introduced in closed areas (parks, ENEA, etc) with the restriction on speed. In this case, it is easier for certification.

E Vesti: But if Tesla will make their own autopilots and make you a competition? I know they have their autopilots extensively tested, although with varying degrees of success.

A. Guskov: What is good about Tesla? Yet everything is not well there. We understand what Tesla makes.

In the world there is really nowhere to be found. There are publications that in Heathrow there is a Shuttle, but there is a short route in the concrete bumpers stops. Is autopilot Navia we see a more serious project. But all are focused on solving simple management problems.

We have now the problem of creation of the component base available to solve the issue of affordable prices and also in order to avoid the crazy prices which is paid now the consumer abroad. We need the decision only. We have carried out systematic work on the creation of components of autopilot systems in Russia, from design to production cycle. We have chosen plants that will become components suppliers. In 2-3 years these components will be put into production.

The new transport system will be implemented gradually. Transport funds with the autopilot we have already learned to build. KamAZ, for example, which is our partner in the Shuttle, today is seriously thinking about creating a whole line of electric buses: from very large to very small class. It’s already in the roadmaps of the company.


So, my dear readers. As you can see, we are on the verge of implementing a global automotive innovation and new approaches to solving transport problems. Please, follow our news of the automotive market, we will keep You up to date on the implementation of new auto-technology.

Sources: Moscow International Automobile Salon.