Modern new year’s ball was held in the State Kremlin Palace

New Year ball at Kremlin palace

The State Kremlin Palace has provided a Small Room for a Russian new year’s ball Galina Preobrazhenskaya on December 31, 2016. This is already the second Russian Kremlin Christmas ball.

The organizers of the ball are connected the tradition of Russian balls from the time of Peter I, when the Tsar-reformer “opened a window to Europe”. Then the change of orientation to the Byzantine Orthodox and the Polish court culture came up with the idea of rapprochement with Western Europe, particularly with France. It inspired Peter in 1718 to institute Assemblies and to start a tradition of secularism. Rules were published as a set of behavior “Youth honest mirror”.

Assembly (from FR. Assembly) was a voluntary meetings of the nobility, who joined to have a business club, a friendly conversation and dance at the same time. They were assembled in the noble houses. Violation of the state requirements for Assemblies was supposed to drink a huge glass of strong wine. The guest came, drank, ate, talked, danced and went without ceremonies of meetings or wires.

On the evening in the Grand Kremlin Palace, of course, the guests were offered a more modern program, rather reminiscent of a famous Soviet “Blue light” than the assemblies of the Petrine era. Operetta and famous Opera arias performed by the Symphony orchestra under the baton of honored artist of Russia Nikolai Stepanov, dance artists ballet show “Valerie”, a popular song performed by professional singers – all this created a festive pre-Christmas mood.

As a tribute to the original idea of the king, Galina Preobrazhenskaya created a relaxed atmosphere for socializing and dancing for the 400 guests of the festival, expressing the hope that on New year’s eve they will gain friends and acquaintances.

Singers at New Year Ball at Kremlin palace

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