Ministry of economy discussed the development of the country with representatives of Tula

Maxim S. Oreshkin, the Minister of Economy

One of the largest enterprises of Tula, “Tulachermet” group “Cox” – on 03 Mar 2017 became a platform for discussion of urgent problems of the Russian economy administered by the Ministry of economic development of Russia. Tulachermet was created in 1931 and in 1935 it gave the first iron to the country. Today, 80 years later, the state needs another big industrial breakthrough.

The Tula region showed the development of industrial production +12.6% in 2016 comparing to 2015, and positive dynamics was observed in most basic industries. Russia, according to Rosstat, the index amounted to +1.1%. “It is very important to be heard and to share accumulated experience of Industrialists in Tula region”, – said the head of Tula region A. Dyumin in the welcome of the delegation of the Ministry.

“For the current year the challenge is to develop the foundations for macroeconomic policy, in order to reach sustainability in the development of the companies. Their profitability should be depended on a competent production process only”, – outlined the purpose of his visit the Minister and head of the delegation of the Ministry of economy M. Oreshkin.

However, apparently, abrupt changes in the policy of the country in 2017 are not expected. The Minister stressed that over the past two years, there have been positive structural changes in the economy that allowed Russian goods to become competitive, and inflation is slowed down. “There is no serious reasons to revise the tax system there, we are going to talk about rationalizing it”, – he stressed.

M. Oreshkin held a meeting with representatives of the region and received the package of proposals for the 2017-2025 years by staffing, tariff regulation of foreign trade activities, infrastructure projects, directions of state support and tax regulation.

“For us it was very important to hear specific problems and issues. Many of them concerning sustainability and business. Predictability is needed for companies to implement forecastable business processes, businessmen should not be thinking about the fact what conditions can change. We agreed with companies that we will develop with them a list of questions and then we will answer them,” M. Oreshkin told reporters after the meeting. As for the timing of answers, this usually takes a month.

In response to the question of “E-Vesti” about the experience of the Tula enterprises which can be required on the Federal level, M. Oreshkin noted the following: “We see a very high investment activity in the Tula region, even without much participation on our part. It’s Tulachermet, and enterprises in Novomoskovsk… We try to support all projects of Tulachermet, including the American project with more than 40 billion rubles of investments, which will be launched this year. In the future there is a plan to update capacities in the next few years. Let’s hope that such projects will grow, all the conditions for this are created”.


Rosstat, Russian ministry of economy