Mercedes-Benz Russia company has lowered prices of its cars and other news of the automotive market in the country

According to the Research Center Effet, the following important and interesting events took place on the Russian automotive market, on 23 December 2016:

on the new year eve, a lot of analysts and experts predict a rise in the cost of new cars on the Russian market. However, Mercedes-Benz Russia company did not listen to these forecasts and did the opposite – a big part of the brand’s lineup became cheaper by 0.3-2.3%. The maximum decrease in the basic price recorded in the line of cars C-class and models GLA, SLC. Less likely sedan E-class and GLC Coupe became cheaper;

in addition to Mercedes-Benz, for the past week three automakers changed the prices of their cars. However, in this case, analysts were right – cars became more expensive. Thus, the base price for UAZ Pickup increased by 10’000 rubles (+1.2%), while Volkswagen Polo sedan – on 20’400 rubles (+3.5%), up to 599’900 rubles. In addition, Volvo changed the prices of its cars – S60 model is now from 1’835’000 rubles (+4%), S60 Cross Country – from 2’290’000 rubles (+2.2%), V40 Cross Country – from 1’469’000 rubles (+5%), XC60 – from 2’468’000 rubles (+6.5%), and XC90 – from 3’379’000 rubles (+3.7%);

followed on the car prices and fuel prices moving slowly but surely. Since December 19, 2016, the national average price of gasoline AI-92 amounted 33.6 rubles per liter, which is 0.2% more than in November 2016 and 3.6% more than in December 2015. Cost of gasoline AI-95 amounted 38.36 rubles per liter (+0.2% / +3.8%) and diesel fuel – 36.63 rubles per liter (+1.6% / +2.7%). In general, over the past three years, petrol AI-92 risen in price by 13.3%, AI-95 – by 17.2%, and diesel fuel – by 11.3%.

Research Center Effet