Men and women of 1920-1950 are exhibited in the Tretyakov gallery

From March 01 to September 10, 2017 the State Tretyakov Gallery (STG) will extract from its vaults Soviet sculptures depicting peasants. It was created by the greatest masters of 1920-1950 years: V. Mukhina, B. Sandomirskaya, S. Churakov, I. Shadr, E. Belashova, V. Domogatski, B. Koroleva. This collection of Soviet masterpieces is entitled “Men and women” and situated in the building of the state Tretyakov gallery on the Crimean Shaft. It includes the masterpiece of worldwide glory – sculpture “Peasant woman” by V. Mukhina, which won the Venice Biennale in 1928.

A lot of things has changed since then, and the current young generation, mostly descendants of the peasantry, hardly imagine the everyday lives of their grandmothers and grandfathers, and especially the life of peasants of pre-revolutionary time. In the 1920-1950 years were transitional, when the old rural Russia gave way to the Soviet collective farms. Therefore, portraits of peasants and scenes of work in the field, underlying exposure of the Tretyakov gallery, will be rich historical material for young Muscovites.

For the Tretyakov gallery, this project also represents the complete idea of the historical retrospective for its rich collection of sculptures. “Soviet” exhibition follows the “Royal” one.

Exhibition curator Larisa Bedretdinova, Department of sculpture of Tretyakov gallery, explained to readers of “E-Vesti” that: “since 2007, when the renewed permanent exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery opened in the hall 24, it was decided to exhibit plastics only. Originally, it contained temporary exhibitions of sculpture only. In the process of working on the project, it became evident that it’s not just changing exhibitions, but unique exhibitions by type.

The sculpture collection of the Tretyakov gallery is so rich that it is possible to show the audience a variety of themes and images: “Defence and employment” and “Monumental art in the Museum”, “Joy of labour and happiness of life”, “World of family and childhood”. We try to show both the well-known and rarely exhibited works. The latter have been undergoing a major restoration before the exhibition. During a few years regular visitors of our Museum can get the idea about the unique collection of sculpture of the 1st half of the twentieth century.

The exhibition “Men and women” is a continuation of the project, where the focus is the sculpture of the Soviet period. This is an attempt to show a bygone era, its different facets”.


Tretyakov Gallery

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