Media review

Media review Russia over 16.10.14

Russia continue to discuss the military conflict in the East of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin signed amendments on the limitation of foreign ownership to the law “On mass media”, which had previously been approved by the state Duma and the Federation Council. From 01 January 2016, the share of foreign companies in the television and publishing houses of Russia will not exceed 20% and a corresponding list of information about the founders must be provided until 15 February 2016; in 2017 the same will have to make media with 80% or more in Russian property. // Moscow// 16/10/2014, Source: Коммерсант

In addition, on 15 October 2014 in Moscow in the framework of the criminal case, was detained politician A. Belov (DPNI, the Union of Russians) and placed in a temporary detention facility on Petrovka, 38. A. Belov charged with embezzlement of about $5 billion from investors, the policy is suspected that he allegedly legalized a part of the property derived from the BTA Bank. // Moscow// 16/10/2014, Source: Interfax , Commersant

An encouraging fact about the expansion of military cooperation of Russia and Belarus was the message that in Bobruisk in 2016 appears airbase of the Russian air force. // Moscow// 16/10/2014, Source: Interfax

Rosstat has published an assessment of the consumer price index – according to Rosstat, it was the beginning of the year 106.7% (October 2013 YTD – 105.3%). // Moscow// 16/10/2014, Source: Росстат

Also Rosstat has published data on production in Russia – the ratio was 101.5% in January-September 2014 compared with January-September 2013. // Moscow// 16/10/2014, Source: Росстат

According to Rosstat, the industrial production index of petroleum products for the period from 6 to 12 October 2014 amounted to 104.7 for petrol and 103.9 for diesel. In General, the production of gasoline has increased, the ratio was 101.8% in September 2014 compared to September 2013 (as weights are used the structure of gross value added by types of economic activity 2010 base year). Dynamics of consumer prices for motor gasoline and diesel fuel from 06 to 12 October 2014 amounted to 100.1 and 100.4, respectively. // Москва // 16/10/2014, Источник: Russian Statistic Service

In addition to the General data of Rosstat, the media inform us about the sad facts – in particular, the decline in demand for air travel is forcing the company UTair in 2014-2015 to cut 10% of staff, 20% of flights. In addition, the company will delay the purchase of the contracted 20 Airbus aircraft (Airbus) and 40 Boeing (Boeing). The company is annoyed by the lack of state support to Russian airlines. // Moscow// 16/10/2014, Source: Interfax

The Central Bank, led by Elvira Nabiullina has revoked the licenses of banks Pourpre (Nizhnevartovsk) and CreditBank (Elista), as well as non-Bank credit organizations, Utika (Moscow) in connection with their participation in “suspicious” Bank transactions. In all of these organizations will be appointed a temporary administration to the choice of the liquidator or liquidator. Since June 2013 the Central Bank revoked the licenses of 100 credit institutions. The report does not say whether a criminal investigation in relation to the identified violations. // Moscow// 16/10/2014, Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta , Interfax