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Lugansk academic theater will present its performances in Moscow

Луганский академический театр представит свои спектакли московскому зрителю

On October 4, 2016 the performances of the Lugansk academic Ukrainian musical-drama theatre will be shown on the scenes of the Community of Taganka actors and the Academic theatre named after Boris Pokrovsky in Moscow.

The Lugansk academic theater was founded on August 15 1941 in Kharkov by a director A. I. Gromov and an art director V. S., Dovbischenko. It began with front-line creative teams, consisting of evacuated actors. In 1944, the theater was moved to the city of Voroshilovgrad (now Lugansk). Currently, the theater’s repertoire includes more than 20 performances of different genres. In 2016, the theatre celebrates its 75th anniversary.

The performance “Crucified youth” is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the underground activities of the youth organization “Young guard”, the production director – the honored artist of Ukraine Anatoliy Yavorsky. The performance starts at 19:00.

“Treasure island” is a musical tale based on the eponymous work by Robert Stevenson, the director and author of staging is the honored artist of Ukraine Alexander Reda. Community of Taganka actors. The performance begins at 12:00.

“Adele” is the story of a mysterious relationship between man and woman. Director – Valentina Bulatova. Academic theatre named after B. A. Pokrovsky. The performance begins at 19:00.

“E Vesti” magazine asked a few questions to the director of the rock opera “Crucified youth”, honored artist of Ukraine Anatoly Yavorskiy.

E Vesti: Could you please tell me about the “Crucified youth”?

Yavorskiy: The rock opera “Crucified youth” is devoted to the “Young guard”. In this performance, we are not trying to argue with history or to theatricalize it. We are talking about the phenomenon itself, when people were put in hard conditions, and they had to make a decision, to fight for their country. We have no identification in the performance, it is the phenomenon itself. Essentially, this is a patriotic performance.

EV: You chose the form of a rock opera. Do you think that this style fits to the youth of Ukraine and Lugansk? The patriotic impulses of young people, how is it connected with a rock opera?

Yavorskiy: It is a kind of a marketing ploy. We chose the form of the rock opera to attract the modern youth. Those who are public-spirited, they will come to watch the play. And that part of youth who gravitate toward the mass culture, they will come, as they will be drawn by the genre. Thus, we tried to kill two birds with one stone.

EV: Tell me, what audience goes to performance? Who might be interested in this topic?

Yavorskiy: We focused on young people and students. But everyone goes to the play with pleasure. We would not invite only children under the third grade of school. Therefore the audience is different.

EV: Did you visit Russia before?

Yavorskiy: Yes, we’d visited Moscow before the war. We gave performance in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya, we had our pre-war repertoire. At the end of August, we visited the youth forum “Rodnaya Gavan’” in the Crimea, and the young guys took well this performance. Despite the fact that it rained, everyone watched the show to the end. We also gave this performance in the Rostov drama theatre named after Gorky, in the Novocherkassk Donskoy theatre of drama and comedy, and we gave the performance in the Shakhty drama theatre.

EV: Please, tell us, what do you think about the upcoming performance in Moscow? What are the impressions of giving the performance there?

Yavorskiy: Now we’re going through technical preparation. Of course, the actors are excited before the performance. But I’m sure it will manifest itself in emotional acting. We gave “Crucified youth” in the Crimea, and there we received a huge energy boost. We’ve arrived with this feeling in Russia.

Resources: Chamber musical theater named after Boris Pokrovskiy, Community of Taganka actors

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