Lovers of online game World of Tanks got their own tank for public roads – UAZ Patriot World of Tanks Edition entered market

Automotive market review of RC Effet

According to the Research Center Effet, the following important and interesting events took place on the Russian automotive market, on 22 December 2016:

domestic automaker, UAZ company has introduced an interesting version of its SUV UAZ Patriot. The car has been prepared together with the developer of computer games Wargaming company, and dedicated to the popular online game World of Tanks. Special Edition Patriot World of Tanks Edition has a number of improvements to the interior and exterior, as well as supplemented with firm symbolics of the game. The cost of this version of the machine is 1’149’000 rubles, which makes it the most expensive in the line of Patriot. However, in addition to the machine itself, customers will receive a free tank KV-5 and 180 days of premium account in the game World of Tanks. In addition, a special range of accessories World of Tanks Edition will be available for the car;

Volkswagen Russia started taking orders for the slightly updated car Volkswagen Jetta 2017 model year (MY). The car has received new options in standard complectations, enhancing safety and comfort. These include heated of front seats, side airbags, curtain airbags and more. Additional options also got more expensive vehicle complectations. The cost of 2017MY cars – from 939’000 rubles (2016MY cars cost from 906’000 rubles);

FCS of Russia has decided to recall all who wish to buy a car abroad, that from 1 January 2017 the machine must be equipped with device of call emergency services for the issuance of passport of the vehicle.

Research Center Effet