Large-scale cooperation in education signed agreement with China

Китайско-российское сотрудничество

On July 5, 2016 at MSU Lomonosov was held the Forum of rectors of universities of Russia and China. It was told about the exchange programs of students and pupils, on the development of industrial competition and the establishment of global University rankings. In particular, it is planned to increase the number of students to 100 thousand people in each country (now 28 thousand Chinese students study in Russia , and in China – 16 thousand Russians).

In July 2016 several important agreements with China were signed. We are talking about Declaration on the establishment of Association of universities of Russia and China (eighth one) and 15 agreements between educational institutions of two countries (at present the agreement covers 200 Universities of the Russian Federation and 600 – China).

The number of people speaking Chinese have ncreased Russia. There are 38 thousand people learning Chinese language.

At the moment in Russia there are 22 Confucius Institutes to study Chinese, and in China there are 22 Russian language centres.


Russian Ministry of Education and Science, Russian Ministry of Education and Science, Russian Ministry of Education and Science .