Kremlin Palace arranged the ball of white clothes

Kremlin White Ball 2016

The annual “Snow White Ball of Johann Strauss” held on December 18, 2016 in the Kremlin Palace, it became a true family feast for the audience. At the ball, gentlemen and ladies sparkled in evening dresses from the XVII to the XXI century, and kids of all ages fell into a real New Year’s fairy tale. Some of them got probably their first opportunity to join the secular night life.

The organizer of the snow white ball – producer center “Masterpieces of Music” – has taught the audience of the Kremlin Palace to come to New Year’s Eve concert in white, and this year the auditorium was decorated with white carnations.

Kremlin White Ball 2016. Singers T. Marchenko, A. Dichkovsky and L. Elina

But the main decoration of the evening was, of course, the music of Johann Strauss, which is performed on New Year’s holidays throughout Europe. It is one of those that never become boring to the audience and are available for the perception of people with any musical training. The waltzes “On the Beautiful Blue Danube”, “Voices of Spring”, “Egyptian March”, “Wiener Blut”, “Tales from the Vienna Woods” and other famous works were perceived by guests of all ages with joy. Vocal skills of Honored Artist of Russia A. Dichkovskiy, soloist of the St. Petersburg Opera and Ballet Theatre Tamara Marchenko and soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre Larisa Elina were accompanied on stage with dance numbers and, of course, Concord Orchestra – rallying the international Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Italian conductor Fabio Pirola.

The orchestra came literally from the ship to the ball, recently made an extensive tour with 34 concerts across Russia. Cultural and political magazine “E-Vesti” spoke to Fabio Pirola with the request to share his experience and impressions from the work in Russia.

N. Gopanenko (E-Vesti) and F. Pirola (Concord Orchestra)

E Vesti: Fabio, please, tell me have you previously conducting balls?

F.Pirola: I was the conductor of the historic ball in St. Petersburg and in Moscow this happens for the first time.

EV: You are visiting our country not the first time and plan to work here more. What connects you with our country? Maybe emotional closeness, maybe love?

F.Pirola: I come in Russia for many years, sometimes my visits acquire mystical tinge. This country is kind of endless that you want to learn more and more.

EV: Please, tell me, you have a rich repertoire consisting of various musical styles, from classical to contemporary. How do you manage it all to play with one orchestra and to stage into operational terms?

F.Pirola: I am open to any genre and do not see any problem in that the conductor is open to any undertaking. I conduct the orchestra of the XXI century, and I must have the skills to perform different styles. I worked a lot with the music of the Baroque, as well as in the symphonic, operatic, contemporary and academic music. During my studies at the conservatory, I played a lot of folk and popular music. And here, the first time I’ll be conducting rock music.

EV: What musical genre is closest to you spiritually, who of the composers?

F.Pirola: The typical Italian repertoire is the closest to me all, especially opera J. Puccini. But I also like to experiment in any new directions.

Next Fairy Ball will be held in the northern capital – St. Petersburg on December 24, 2016, in the Concert Hall “Octyabr’ski”.

In 2017 the program of performances will be no less intense than the program in 2016. In February 2017 a new program “Tango Passion” will appear dedicated to Astor Piazzolla. In March, for the first time in Russia program will sound dedicated to the silent movie “Champagne” by Alfred Hitchcock, Rossella Spinosa wrote the music for it – the famous Italian musician and composer. She wrote music to more than 20 films of Hitchcock. In late March, the program will host with Riccardo Fogli, famous performer of traditional Italian pop music. In April, the audience is waiting for the premiere of the special program “Symphonic Rock Hits”, with special arrangements written for Concord Orchestra. In late April – concerts Rock Hits 2.0.

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