Kitty Belcanto will introduce children to music and work

Who studied music, he understands how important it is to introduce a child to history and theory of music. Music history and ear training, music genres and musical creativity – all these things should intrigue the little musician, then his steps on the mastery of musical skills will become easy. Dmitry Bocharov, a musician, a violin teacher with many years experience and father of three daughters, passed this way and understand what the child needs to know.

D. Bocharov has created a fun and informative series of books with stories about a kitten Belcanto. This book can receive as a gift small visitors of concerts of Fund “Belcanto”. “Tales of the kitty are a fairy tales about a child learning music. In these tales there are both the joy of creativity and the severity of the work – the author, the methodological task here is not necessary, it is important to introduce children to the world of music through the good kitty view, which is clear and understandable for children. It is important to the feeling of a child who meets music”.

Cultural-political magazine “E-Vesti” asked Dmitry Bocharov to share his experience of the teacher and to talk about what difficulties the young Creator meets on his way. “There is no children not interested in music, I believe. Because when even very young children hear music, they start dancing. There is nothing strange in music for kids, and the sooner you start to attract children to music is the better. Another thing is that when children learn to play, problems can arise because it requires work. To combine work with passion is a task for both teacher and parents,” he said. According to the author, there is no age limits to read such books, and his experience with own students suggests older children are interested there too.

In a series of musical fairy tales 13 books are already published and 5 are ready to release. Each book has high quality illustrations. Every collection has its own painter: Tatiana Nikitina, Nikolay Fomin, Catherine Roiz and other artists. Children begin to consider a gifted book, to read it immediately. Each book is different, it has own artist, own style. Even if the child read book of this series, it will be interesting – it is different from previous one.

The Fund Belcanto, which became the initiator of the project and made it accessible to young viewers, gifts books to children at all children’s musical performances, which are held in the Museum of A. S. Pushkin’s, Mansion in Volkhonka, salon of Z. Volkonskaya, the Cathedral of Peter and Paul, Moscow Conservatory. There is no free sale of such books.


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