Jaguar XF – high-tech premium class vehicle

Jaguar XF

On April 2 the official Jaguar dealer in Russia “Avilon” made a presentation of a renewed Jaguar XF. The presentation was going in a festive atmosphere. “Avilon” particularly succeeded in the organizing of the entertainment show: drinks and buffet, live music and awards as well. The new automobile made an entrance in the event culmination by going out a projection screen hanging on the wall. The showroom clients and guests remained pleased with the event.

The “E Vesti” magazine visited the event, found more about the car, made a consumer profile and counted the car owning cost.

A general impression is that the model is undoubtedly the brand achievement and it has a variety of advantages.

Among important and key features of this premium class car, it stands to mention the following:

High-tech model

The car is fitted with a complex software, such as Adaptive Surface Response system (AdSR). A touch panel display allows monitoring the state of the car systems, and it displays such data, as fuel consumption, loading, engine state and so on. The AdSR system automatically recognizes different types of surface, in order to provide the maximum available grip. The car has different driving modes, and the owner may choose an appropriate mode according to weather conditions. For instance, the Rain Ice Snow Mode, which allows the driver to divide the driving moment between the fore and back wheels, improves throttle response in treacherous driving conditions.

Lightweight and elegant

Thanks to aluminium architecture, the car has become lighter. According to the official data, the car is lighter by 90-110 kilos, which is the lightest in its class. The lightweight provides a precise drive, and the combination of lightweight and good control improves the safety on the road.

Optimum engine performance

The Ingeniun engine with 180 hp power capacity provides a fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. Each engine is stocked with 8-speed electronic automatic gear box, the Jaguar Sequential Shift gearshift pattern, and with All Surface Progress Control, a road surface adaptation system. Regardless it provides not so much power, it provides 700N of the driving moment, which allows going fast at any speed and feeling safe on the road.

Reliability and safety

For instance, the car has a technical support call-button and an emergency service call-button via satellite communication. The engine control system prevents from picking-up the speed limits on the road. A suspension with Adaptive Dynamics technology allows adjusting the dampers position and retaining readability and safety during driving.

Consumer profile

On the whole, the key features of the model may speak of those who buy this car and of the reasons why these people buy it.

In our opinion, a typical Jaguar XF consumer can be described in the following way:

  • Has upper-middle level of income. The car is not cheap hence the buyer should have funds not only to purchase it, but also to keep it properly tuned up and well-repaired.
  • Interested in new technologies. Jaguar XF is a high-tech product that is why the persons, who would like to possess an ordinary machine, do not fit under this point.
  • Has a good sense of style. The car looks very fashionable and persons who buy it should duly appreciate it. The consumer of this car should be interested in arts and have esthetic needs.
  • Has a certain social standing. First of all, they are businessmen people, active and successful.


Now the Russian show rooms can offer models at the cost of 3’300’000 rubles and above. This is because the test models are packaged to the maximum, for the consumer could get the full picture of the product.

People can buy this car at the minimum price of 2’810’000 rubles only on a by-order basis, and the car will be delivered in few months. For instance, the Jaguar show room of the “Musa Motors” dealer offers to make a prepayment in an amount of 25’000 rubles and to deliver the automobile in 3-3.5 months.

According to preliminary figures, the Jaguar XF models number on a small scale in the Russian market. According to the “Rolf” company, the delivered cars shall serve to demonstrate its features to the consumers. This is due to the freshness of the model, and the demand for it is not understood completely.

The Jaguar product expert in “Avilon”, Roman Gunkin said in the interview: “The delivery volumes are not clear yet. We hope that we shall achieve the volume of 5-10 cars per month. We still have few deliveries, as the car has just appeared in the market. We should investigate the demand first. In order to sell 5-10 cars per month, we should have about 10-20 cars in stock. I think that we will form a sufficient store to come to a stable sales level. For the process has just launched, the delivery volume is minimal. But we already have some orders”.

Cost of ownership

“Effet” has counted how mich it will be to possess the car for 3 years. The cost of ownership consists of such elements, as operational expenses (scheduled maintenance costs, insurance, fuel, auto service and other expenses) and carrying costs (taxes and loss in value). The information on the cost of ownership is given below.

Cost of ownership for 3 years

Make Jaguar
Model XF
Version 2.0p 240hp AT RWD
Recommended retail price, RUR 3’028’000
Customer Facing Transaction Price, RUR 2725200 100.0%
Operating costs, RUR 686’490 25.2%
Fuel cost, RUR 112’530 4.1%
Insurance cost, RUR 444’600 16.3%
Maintenance cost, RUR 62’400 2.3%
Оther expenses, RUR 66’960 2.5%
Carrying costs, RUR 1457100 53.5%
Taxes, RUR 54’000 2.0%
Registration fee, RUR 2’900 0.1%
Loss in value, RUR 1’400’200 51.4%
3 years TCO, RUR 2143590 78.7%
3 years TCO, RUR/km 54

In such a manner, the total cost of ownership for three years will be 2’143’590 rubles or 78.7 percent of the price for a new car.

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