Jaguar represented F-Pace, XF and XE of 2018 model year

Jaguar XE 2018MY. Photo: Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover has announced enhancements of F-Pace crossover, XF business-sedan and sports XE. The main changes affected the power line which has new Ingenium engines, and some safety and comfort systems.

During its life cycle the model has updates of different degrees. The most important is change of generations, when design and technology are totally revisioned. Next grade down is a face-lift – a small refreshment of design (usually 1-2 times between generations). In addition, some less significant upgrades take place too.

Model year update (if it is not connected with new generation or face-lift) brings usually barely visible modifications in interior and some parts, but the pace of technological progress grow and a lot of innovations appear during one year. And a manufacturer is in a hurry to share them with his admirers. So this time Jaguar has prepared a large package of novelties.

Jaguar XF 2018MY. Photo: Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar XF 2018MY. Photo: Jaguar Land Rover

First, the car received new four-cylinder engines:

  • Petrol 2.0 (200 HP) – is available for XE and XF
  • Petrol 2.0 (250 HP) – for all three F-Pace, XF and XE
  • Diesel 3.0 (380 HP) – for XE (instead of 340hp)
  • Diesel 2.0 (240 HP) – for all three models too

Second, XF and XE have the opportunity to adjust the engine, transmission and steering for different driving styles – normal and dynamic. The suspension is also adjustable.

Third, there is a new function security:

  • Forward Traffic Detection – scans and warns you about the traffic situation ahead, it is especially useful at intersections with poor visibility.
  • Forward Vehicle Guidance – gives a visual hint on the trajectory of the vehicle regarding to steering wheel position, it helps maneuvering in tight spaces.
  • Blind Spot Assist – detects vehicles in or approaching the blind spot when changing lanes and applies a gentle steering force to keep the vehicle in its lane and prevent a collision.
Jaguar F-Pace 2018MY. Photo: Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar F-Pace 2018MY. Photo: Jaguar Land Rover


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