Islam act of terrorism in France

French media inform of the operation to apprehend two suspects in act of terrorism on January 07, 2015. Magnitude of the operation for capturing two bandits with hostage, armed with Kalashnokows and pyrotechnics, amaze: almost 88’000 policemen and dogs, course of the operation is under president’s control and other top officials are engaged. Totally three algerians have been wanted: brothers Couachi of 34 and 32 years old and their 18 y/o complice Hamid, who surrendered at night to police. The brothers were noted in American «black list» as terrorists.

The slaughter took place at editorial office of French comic magazine Charlie Hebdo, and also shooting was heard in Southern Paris. «You’ll pay for insulting the Prophet» – such threats received editors of the weekly. In the morning two people entered the office and fired point-blank the staff, policeman and a guest. Totally 12 killed and 11 wounded. Editorial office is “bloodless” as if almost all staff is killed or injured. Calamity of such scale had happen in the country in the middle of 1990s, when immigrants from Algeria let off a bomb.

French people keenly responded to the tragedy: national moment of silence was held, media and art collegues formed real staff of professional help, tens of thousands came out to the meetings for freedom of discussion under the slogan «we’re Charlie», lights memory and flowers where everywhere. Migrant organizations, such as Council of Associations of black people of France (Conseil représentatif des associations noires de France or Cran), also hastened to express antagonism to terrorism and solidarity with the people and values of France.

Again there were voices about the dangers of Islamism, as, for example, marked philosopher Michel Onfray. Messages of mosque attacks came on January 08, 2014. Threat of French society separatrion became real. How general secular ethics, pedagogics could hamper the barbarity of the above kind?! – such questions are put by educational facilities.

As was expected, Manuel Valls declared «adoption of new measures» responding the threat.

// Paris // 07/01/2015, Source: Le Monde , Le Monde , La Croix , Le Figaro , Le Figaro