Innovative cooperation between Russia and Europe continues

Frank Schauff, SEO of AEB

Russia, the Eurasian Union and Europe continue cooperation in the field of innovation. The Foundation Recongress, and the Italian Association Know Eurasia held the V Eurasian forum with key topic “the Art of innovation” on October 20-21, 2016 in Verona (Italy). The event was attended by more than 600 Italian and Russian companies.

On the forum, widely publicized, including TV shows at Italian television were discussed the following issues: development of innovative infrastructure of Eurasia, cooperation in energy, industry, technology, transport sector, agriculture, agricultural industry, creating new projects, collaboration and economic cooperation in modern conditions. Participants noted that innovation is the main lever for long-term growth and changes in the world economy. In this connection it was mentioned that it is important to develop high-tech industry and create new projects in the digital technology, energy, robotics, and biotechnology.

Dr. Frank Schauff, CEO of the European business Association and one of the speakers at the forum, shared with the cultural-political magazine “E Vesti” with his impressions about the trip.

Frank Schauff: The Italians have shown a keen interest in the conference. If we look at participance, we will see a high representation level. There were A. Meshkov (Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs and former Russian Ambassador in Rome), Professor A. N. Shokhin (President, Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs RSPP)… In total there were several hundred people, the event had a good program. But I was there only for the second day of the conference.

E Vesti: What was discussed at the conference, about what kind of projects?

Frank Schauff: I participated in the discussion on investments. I think that cooperation between Russia and Europe in the development of innovative projects can be improved. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that this cooperation continues despite all the difficulties like sanctions. And the discussion will go on. The next week the head of the European Commission will speak on the issues of innovation cooperation too.

E Vesti: How do You evaluate an innovative system, which now exists in Eurasia?

Frank Schauff: Now there is no innovation system in Eurasia. For example, issue of innovative cooperation is touched upon very briefly in the agreement on the Eurasian economic Union. The development of innovative cooperation in the region still need a lot of work.

Meanwhile, we can see an active work on solution of this problem. So, on the exhibition forum “Eurasian week” in Moscow the creation of 11 Eurasian technology platforms (ETP), which will bring together more than 400 leading nationaltional scientific and industrial organizations of the Eurasian economic Union, was announced . Their activities will focus on research and joint development, creation of innovative technologies and their implementation in industrial production. The expected amount of funding ETP will make tens of billion rubles. The first joint research and development will begin in 2017. Priorities are following: space, Biomedicine, information and communication technology, Photonics, natural resources, ecology, agriculture, and industrial technology.

In addition, in the framework of the forum “Open innovations” the project of creating the digital space of the Eurasian economic Union in 2025 was agreed. It is expected that this project will give 20% increase in efficiency of economic processes. In addition, the contribution of the digital economy in the GDP growth of the countries of the Union will be 20% per year.

Sources: Roscongress, Eurasian Commission, Association of European Businesses, press service of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation