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Infrastructure of cloud data centers will be the topic of a free webinar

Denis Rudakov, it Director, Hoff and Igor Loaf, development Manager of the it Department, Eldorado will tell everyone about the transformation of traditional data centers and integration of private cloud platforms into a single cohesive infrastructure.

Cloud, cloud storage, cloud platforms – all of these terms are associated with the cloud computing technology, which allows the user to rent a computer department with all modern equipment, programs and staff. These resources are available at any time, from anywhere and from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. The size and capacity of the leased cloud resources and services can be easily scaled to the needs – do I need a disk for storing documents or a thousand supercomputers to decode the human genome.

Free webinar from our partners VostocKapital will be held on 16 December 2016, 12:00 and will illuminate such problems as optimization of traditional data centre infrastructure to a converged cloud infrastructure, capabilities, distributed data centers and combining existing it infrastructure with cloud services, and show examples of successful projects.

The theme of the webinar is interesting and has prospects for the future. Benefits for users and providers of cloud computing outweigh the risks yet. Therefore, this area is now actively developing.

According to the forecast IDC, by 2020 the turnover of the cloud services will reach $500 billion. a survey, “IDG Enterprise CloudComputingsurvey” showed that up to 25% of the budget of the it Department are spent on cloud services, the annual amount of investment in cloud technologies medium sized companies (

The main advantages of cloud computing:

1) Cost savings for information technology (it). This service does not require capital investment by the consumer;

2) The availability of modern technology for companies of any size;

3) Reliability. Most providers offer guarantee 99.99% availability of resources and services.

4) Easy and convenient management of resources and services – all technical work on the maintenance and renewal of infrastructure hidden from the user and lies with the provider. The company can fully concentrate on your business without being distracted by it

Disadvantages of cloud services:

1) Downtime can be caused by a lack of Internet access, technical problems or lack of resources and bandwidth provider;

2) The security of the data. While cloud providers use the best tools for security, but the cloud means for You the ability to access important data from any location that carries with it the risks of information leakage;

3) Vendor lock-in. The company may encounter difficulty when changing the cloud provider due to the fact that ISPs provide different services, and using it is technically incompatible tools.

4) Limited control, where data is stored, limiting the management of services and programs.

Entry to the free webinar of our partners here.


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