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Individual diet will help the treatment of cancer

Treatment of cancer, which is the second by quantity cause of population mortality today, is researching by scientists from all over the world. Russian scientists make a major contribution to the successful study of the question. Recently, they conducted a study and analyzed the therapeutic approaches based on the use of a combination of limiting nutrients and anti-cancer therapy.

A group of scientists of the faculty of fundamental medicine of Moscow State University (MSU) – Kopeina G.S., Senichkin V.V. and Professor Zhivotovsky B. analyzed more than 200 sources, which were studied in detail with various options for limiting nutrients, and diets with different approaches to the treatment of tumors.

In other words, we are talking about the fact that food has an impact on the course of cancer treatment and, accordingly, a proper diet can contribute to successful treatment. The first our instinct was to ask, what are the pharmacological compounds that affect the limitation of nutrients that can help cancer patients? Isn’t it time for us to limit the consumption of certain products, and to forget about cancer? And “E-Vesti” addressed this question to the head of the study Professor Boris Zhivotovsky.

The scientist emphasizes that a diet can only be used in addition to primary therapy, but this approach significantly improves the result, especially if it is chosen individually taking into account the specific of the disease: “One of the most promising approaches to the treatment of diseases is the so-called personalized therapy. Yes, it requires certain expenses, but it also gives a much better result. The leading clinics are moving to this approach.

It is known that when radiation and chemotherapy are required to maintain a high hemoglobin level, appropriate diet contributes to this. Under certain localizations of the tumor, there is a need to limit certain foods. In addition, the use of pharmacological agents that limits nutrients helps to reduce the dose of chemotherapeutic agents without affecting their efficacy. In this regard, the toxic effect on normal tissue is reduced.”

“Home” application of the research results is not provided, recommendations of this kind Mr. Zhivotovsky advises to ask to a doctor only, because “an attempt to bring cancer treatment under the common denominator of different types of tumors is the task useless and unproductive”, – he said.

Mr. Zhivotovsky explained: “Cancer is complex, systemic disease. There is no common drug against cancer, and it can’t be so. Therefore, when you find an information that someone found the cure for cancer – please, be careful. Even the same type of tumor in different patients can be caused by various disorders at the level of genes, proteins and/or metabolism. For example, adenocarcinoma of the lung, the study of which we are actively involved in, is characterized by the presence of mutations in more than 10 genes. Therefore, in each case, it is necessary to find tactics of treatment with a combination of chemotherapy, radiation, and immune therapy (recently facing a fairly high level). And special diet is import for the therapy”.

However, the results of the study do not reject the familiar medical warnings about how not to provoke the onset of the disease. For example, it is necessary not to overeat (obesity promotes the development of breast cancer), not to drink a lot of alcohol (the risk of liver cirrhosis), not to eat fatty (the probability of occurrence of tumors of the stomach and rectum) or spicy food (risk of the stomach cancer), etc.

Sources: Moscow State University, NCBI

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