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In the Q4 of 2016 will appear a national ranking of technoparks of the Russian Federation

Андрей Шпиленко, к.э.н., директор Ассоциации кластеров и технопарков

In the fourth quarter of 2016 in Russia the high-tech (or innovative) company will aget the Navigator in the choice of Technopark national technoparks of the Russian Federation. Management companies of technoparks, in their turn, will be able to focus on successful colleagues as a benchmark.

The presentation of the National rating of technoparks for journalists held Andrei Shpilenko, Director, Association of clusters and technoparks in Russia.

Technopark – or technology Park is accepted in different countries of the world type of scientific-industrial complex, leading to innovation in the industry.

In Russia it is a landscaped area, not less than 5’000 m2 each, at least 50% of which are inhabited by industrial or scientific companies (residents) and of a technological infrastructure for the production and implementation of new development (schools, Institute, trade, business centers).

49% of management companies of technoparks are state societies, 21% – public-private. For the state it is a form of investment into innovation development of the country, because parks enjoy full state support and benefits.

The Association has proposed a methodology for selecting the best industrial parks. It is based on three parameters:

  1. The innovative activity of Technopark residents
  2. The effectiveness of the management company
  3. Financial and budgetary effectiveness

Participation in the rating is not mandatory, and the methodology will be discussed by professionals in the preparation of the first rating. The Association offers the use of aggregate quantitative indicators industrial parks: totalR&D costs to the resident, their profits, tax deductions, number of patents issued, investment etc.

The Association of technoparks of Russia, formed in 2011, in 2015 became the Association of clusters and technology parks. Member of the International Association of science parks(IASP). The Association accredits parks, assists its members in collaboration with the government and Vice versa, in the formation of proposals on state support in the social, economic, technical, scientific and managerial problems.

According to the results of the audit of technoparks and upon proposals of the Association, in 2015 the President of the Russian Federation instructed to take measures on increasing efficiency of technoparks” (order 1918). Totally in Russia there are 179 organizations “with signs of technoparks”, 71 of them meets national requirements. These organizations have different origins and subordination: Ministry of communications, Ministry of economic development, SKOLKOVO, Rosnano, Ministry of education etc.

Currently, the government and the Association of technoparks lead to uniformity and requirements for the state performance for import substitution.

Director of the Association, PhD in Economics Andrey Shpilenko considers industrial technological parks a significant role in this, however, he cautions against a hasty, forced transition to the complete exclusion of imports, without the appropriate training capacities in Russia. Will “cheese in a mousetrap,” he says.

Clusters, another concern of the Association, also changing today. A recent project of changing government requirements for clusters – one of the initiatives of the Association, which will allow to develop the production residents. Namely, we are talking about the reduction in the share of internal cooperation between members of the cluster from 50% to 20%, which limited the ability of their sales (before half of the products had to be implemented inside the cluster, other enterprises).

The cluster is the implementation in the Russian Federation of global business ideas of “industrial districts” of Alfred Marshall and Michael Porter. In fact, this is concentration of the organizations involved in one production in one area. For example, in the Kaluga automotive cluster the engines, wheels, cars production are situated. This idea allows to increase the efficiency of businesses, to develop innovation and new businesses in the industry. In Europe such organizations and the study of best practices of engaged European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA). The most famous clusters in the world – Silicon valley and Hollywood.

On the issue of E Vesti whether the Association helps to provide their residents with qualified personnel, A. Shpilenko said that “everyone needs to do their job, in the government there are excellent professionals.” At the same time, the Association endorses the projects to support the engineering profession and welcomed the increase in their funding.


Association of clusters and technology parks, Association of clusters and technology parks, Map of clusters and technology parks, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.