In the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory will be a concert of Masterpieces of foreign music

Московский государственный симфонический оркестр для детей и юношества. Фото:

On October 23, 2016 in the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory it will host a concert of the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra for Children and Youth “Masterpieces of foreign music.” Conductor – Dmitry Mikhailovich Orlov.

According to the conductor said that this performance – part of the cycle of concerts before the tour round in Germany, which will take place from 11 to 20 November 2016 in the 7 cities. Listeners of the Moscow Conservatory will have the opportunity to hear the masterpieces of the program before they will be presented in Germany.

The concert program consists of six musical works by five international authors. Curiously, the program is composed of works from different countries, eras and styles.

Franz Schubert (1797-1828) – Austrian composer, was one of the founders of Romanticism in music. 5th Symphony completes early symphonic composer experiments, it most perfectly embodies the bright, serene mood and elegance tunes.

Charles Gounod (1818-1893) – French composer and music critic, founder of the French genre of lyric opera. The opera “Romeo and Juliet” was the second apex of the opera composer’s creativity.

Henryk Wieniawski (1835-1880) – Polish violinist and composer, a brilliant representative of musical romanticism and the best violinist of his time. Violin Concerto number 2 – is a lyrical and romantic work in a symphony performance.

Claude Debussy (1862 – 1918) – French composer, a leading representative of musical impressionism. Symphonic Prelude “Afternoon of a Faun” – this is the first symphonic work of the composer, who was inspired by the same name eclogite Stéphane Mallarmé.

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) – French composer, conductor, one of the reformers of music of the XX century. In his work impressionism and classic combine. “Waltz” choreographic poem is a chain of waltzes, united by clear and concise structure.

The program also includes a specialty – vocal act – it is Schubert’s “Barcarolle”. Soloist is Natalia Polyaninova (soprano).

“Barcarolle” – originally a folk song of the Venetian gondoliers later became a genre of professional music. Schubert’s work is a lyrical, vocal and chamber.

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