Special Projects

In Lucerne started a summer festival of classical music

Репетиции летнего фестиваля Люцерна. Фото: Stefan Deuber

The summer classical music festival opened in the Swiss city of Lucerne, located on the shore of lake Lucerne, at the foot of mount Pilatus, in front of Wagner’s Villa.

It brings together the best musicians of Europe, as well as young rising stars in the world of classical music. The latter will play the works of musicians of the XX-XXI centuries within the framework of the project of the Academy of the Lucerne Festival.

Summer program 2016 opens with the Orchestra of the Lucerne Festival, founded by Claudio Abbado in 2003. Under the leadership of Ricardo Chailly the orchestra will invite prominent soloists and musicians in the world, as well as the Chamber Orchestra of Mahler.

The festival was firstly held in 1938 and since then experienced several revisions. It consists of three parts: summer, Easter and November ones. Summer program is the oldest of three mentioned.

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