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In Ivanovo region polyester plant will be launched soon

Victor L. Evtuhov, State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia

Viktor Evtukhov (State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia) shared some aspects of the development of light industry of Russia and the measures of state support of the industry on October 18, 2016 at the meeting with journalists.

The main efforts of the state aim at technical re-equipment of light industry, said V. Evtukhov. More than 20 enterprises at the moment have already attached to the program of subsidizing cost of equipment in lease, others also operate in subsidized lending. New program “the Production of clothing for students”, which means a school uniform is a promising area of state support.

Victor also talked about the fact that the government cares about the development of designers. For the advantages of the design China and other countries are competing today. A number of international exhibitions organized with the help of the Ministry of industry and trade help to promote Russian designer products. The impression of Russian design is favorable, especially regarding leather products.

Answering the question of cultural and political magazine “E Vesti”, will the Ministry be able to strengthen Russian position in the light industry, synthetic fabrics in the export in the medium term, or support will be focused on import substitution and saturation of the domestic market, the Deputy Minister said the following:

Viktor Evtukhov: As for synthetic fabrics, this is a priority in our country and around the world. We see the stagnating consumption of cotton or flax. According to experts, special attention in the coming years will be given to the production of artificial and chemical fibres and, respectively, synthetic fabrics.

Here we have a prospect for import substitution. There is a number of companies who conduct special research work and create new tissue. We would prefer not to replace only. Of course, there is a large market and we have something to strive for – in order to gradually displace foreign suppliers, to replace their tissues.

The prospects of the export market, primarily in the countries of South-East Asia, are also large. Viscose pulp demand today, and viscose itself will develop rapidly in the coming years. It will be consumed from the point as tissues. Here we have a union of light industry with wooden complex.

We hope that in the near future a project to create a polyester plant in the Ivanovo region will be launched. We have talked a lot about this. This is a joint project of the Bank, Ivanovo region and investors. The decision is still pending, but at a fairly high stage of development. We hope that a decision will be made this year. The construction of such a plant is a major investment, it will give a huge boost to the industry as a whole and for import substitution too.