In Cultural center Proton the performance of the Big Symphony orchestrawas held

Grand Russian Symphony Orchestra in Protvino

In the Cultural center of the Moscow region in Protvino town on September 03, 2016 was held a concert which included two works: Concerto for violin and cello with orchestra J. Brahms and Symphony No. 6 by P. Tchaikovsky. It seems to be extra to write about it, if there were not important context.

Concert from the series “High art in small cities of Moscow region” is an initiative of the Ministry of culture of Moscow region and personally of Governor A. Vorobyov. It is an effort to create conditions for a comfortable stay in the region. The leadership of the region noted the high cultural needs of residents and offered them a decent implementation — invited team with worldwide fame — Grand Symphony orchestra after P. Tchaikovsky (BSO), led by V. I. Fedoseyev.

The orchestra responded and made up a bright program aimed at connoisseurs of music, which was not repeated in any of the rooms. Three performances of the BSO presents the music of P. I. Tchaikovsky, A. Borodin, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, Sviridov, Khachaturian and Brahms. Maestro Vladimir Fedoseyev himself conducted the first concert in the second and third concerts of the program is the permanent conductor of this orchestra — Denis Lotoev. On the stage of “Proton” place were debuted young and talented soloists — Sergey Kostylev (violin) and Fyodor Zemlerob (cello).

In Protvino the performances of BSO has been waited with trepidation. Room was comfortable, with good acoustics and the music spilled into the hall, where gathered the elite of the city headed by its mayor, Valery Borisov. As a result, the viewer got not just comfort, but pleasure and complete satisfaction. He appreciated the respect and attention that has been given by the government of Moscow and the Orchestra.

All three actors and their motives are discussed in an interview with “E Vesti” to inform the readers of the First Deputy Minister of culture of the Moscow region Andrei Murashov, conductor of the Bolshoi Symphony orchestra Denis Lotoev, the leadership of the House of culture and the inhabitants Protvino, attended the concert.


Замминистра культуры Московской Области А.Ю. Мурашов и Мэр города Протвино В.Л. Борисов

Andrey Murashov personally attends the organized events, where we used to get comments from the government about the event.

E Vesti: Andrey, today’s event is Your brainchild?

Murashov A.: It is an initiative of the Ministry of culture of the Moscow region.

E Vesti: Everyone with whom I ever say, believe that You are the ideologue. You, in any case, did it with the inspiration?

Murashov A.: And how without inspiration? If You show initiative, you need to bear for it responsibility, to implement it.

E Vesti: I understand that You and the Ministry in General, there is a full understanding of necessary culture and support?

Murashov A.: This festival is called “High art in small cities of Moscow region”. The policy of our Governor A. Vorobyov is to give people comfort regardless where they live — in Balashikha, Protvino or Zaraysk. That includes roads and utilities, but also the culture. Today it is the second concert of this project, next week will be the third in Taldom. Why in Protvino? In big cities there are more opportunities to invite artists, in order for someone to see. Small towns are few such opportunities. And so, this project helps to see them.

Grand Symphony orchestra headed by Vladimir Fedoseev, will present today a new program. Each time it presents a new program. And I think that the applause we hear are the nest thing in the world.

E Vesti: I would like to learn about the goals of the project.

Murashov A.: This project serves to make residents feel comfortable.

Today was another cultural forum in Moscow. There were famous figures of culture — they are also stressed by these thoughts. Tomorrow the event will be in Pushchino, the next will be a tour of the Moscow provincial theater. In the open area will be shown the Opera “Boris Godunov”, then program of the year of Russian cinema — and so almost every day. The cultural agenda is rich, diverse.

E Vesti: Amazing. And it is a short or long haul?

Murashov A:: The policy was implemented in recent years and in fact, the momentum only increased. And in 2017 it will be the same. You can see free all events in the Playbill of the Moscow region.


Conductor Denis Lotoev after the rehearsal and before the concert found the time to comment on forthcoming performance.

E Vesti: We see how you were waiting here. What is the event for You?

Denis Lotoev: As has already been noticed, and that’s true — small towns we have not. First, Protvino — a city not very old, but with very good cultural traditions.

In Russia there are cities, maybe small in number but not small in importance, with the highest traditions, with its intelligentsia. Here is situated the world importance scientific center, there are wonderful people. This is what we have felt and the warmth with which we met this house, this room, and by the interest with which they watched our rehearsal. Such contact, if it occurs between people, it gives everyone a huge charge of positive emotions, which is well-formed further work.

By the way, the room is very good, although small, but with balanced acoustics. It is very pleasant to work with it.

E Vesti: How significant is the introduction of numerically small towns to high-quality performance of high musical culture?

Denis Lotoev: It’s not even the communion, and the real life, the message, which immediately gets a response. Most importantly — we do not have to do anything artificially. We have to say a huge thank you to the leadership of the Moscow region and Moscow regional Philharmonic for this initiative. It is absolutely nice to us, performers and listeners. It’s wonderful.

E Vesti: The government is trying to do it all in the framework of creating a “comfortable environment”. Do such concerts make habitat more comfortable?

Denis Lotoev: I must say that our orchestra has a vast experience of the Russian tour, including visiting and its suburbs. Just 10-15 years ago, driving through the area, we saw something completely different. Everything was more modest, poorer. Today everything looks much better and worthier. And if people are interested in culture and come to the concerts, so everything is moving in the right direction.

However, twenty years ago people wanted to hear our performance, but to organize it was much more difficult, it happened from time to time, if the Director of any regional Philharmonic society suddenly found the opportunity, we went at his invitation. And now it is done purposefully and looks completely different.

E Vesti: The Director of the center told us today that none of the small size of the city would be able to master such an invitation.

Denis Lotoev: Yes, it is. And, as far as I know, this is a personal initiative by A. Vorobyov.

We always go to Russia with pleasure. Well, when it happens and purposefully it is built in a logical line, when established to inform about the upcoming concerts.

The country needs to live a full life. Not only Moscow and Saint Petersburg only, but all of Russia. People live here not less important, than in the capital.

E Vesti: Who shaped Your three shows?

Denis Lotoev: We were invited by the government of Moscow region Philharmonic and the Moscow region, they used to talk to Vladimir Fedoseyev, artistic Director and chief conductor of our orchestra. Negotiations were held and at the time of this invitation and the idea to visit three cities with different program. He gladly responded to the initiative, and he conducted his first concert with great success. It is very nice when people don’t hide their emotions at the end of the concert, the audience simply stood up.

In the first concert featured music of the XX century and also the Tchaikovsky.

Today in our program you see Johannes Brahms, where we have the opportunity to introduce young members of the orchestra. Today, we’re introducing Sergey Kostylev and Fedor Zemlerob, soloists, our orchestra, a very talented violinist and cellist accordingly. We hope that the audience will appreciate them highly. They what is available to a true master in adulthood. Working with these musicians, I realized how Mature they think, and we are proud that in the orchestra there are musicians.

You know, our orchestra was founded in 1930 and has an amazing story. There had always been a collection of the best musicians of our country. The names of many of our musicians are well-known today (such as Mikhail Shestakov, Emilia Moskvitina etc.), not only in Russia, but also abroad. Remarkably, there are also young people who are continuing the best traditions of our orchestra.

After the concert, we also turned to Denis Lotoev to learn his impressions of his speech, he said: “I will Say briefly — I am convinced that we have not come in vain, these concerts are now necessary, this program should definitely continue.”


“Knowing that there will be a Big symphonic orchestra, we almost cried from happiness. The program is amazing, these pieces are important, loved. We are science city, the people are highly intelligent, there is a huge demand for concerts of this level. To go to Moscow to such events, of course, not everyone can afford. That the government of the us sends a team, as BSO — a low bow to them for this gift,” said in an interview with “e News” the Director of “house of culture “proton” Elena Ugryumova.

In intermission and after the concert, we asked the audience about their experiences and heard following answers:

«I think that the room does not quite match the capabilities of this band. It is evident that the team has great potential. I’m not a big fan of Brahms, Tchaikovsky I like more, so I’m really looking forward to the second office. The arrival of this team, I think, is a great event. This just have to happened all the time. Maybe someone thinks that on the periphery people there is less educated, cultured people who understand this thing, in Moscow is better, but this is not quite true — geniuses are born on the periphery”, — says Gregory, businessman.

“We go to Richter’s concerts in Tarusa, so we are informed. But when you do not need to go anywhere, everything is here — it is such a pleasure!”, — shared Lubov, medic.

“A big thank you to the Moscow region Philharmonic society, many thanks to our government for gaving us such a wonderful holiday, thanks you friends (referring to the band – approx. ed.), thank you!”, — said Valery Borisov, the head of the town.


On 09 September 2016 in city Taldom will be performed following masterpieces:

Polovtsian dances from the Opera “Prince Igor” by Borodin

Symphonic picture Three miracles from Opera fairy Tale about Tsar Saltan” of N. Rimsky-Korsakov

“Francesca da Rimini” — Condores sofonisba fantasy P. Tchaikovsky

Performed by the Grand Symphony orchestra after Tchaikovsky. Conductor — Denis Lotoev.

It remains to express our appreciation to the leaders of the Moscow region and to hope that this experience of the dispensation of the actions of the authorities will become permanent model for implementation in Russia.