In 2024-2026 non-raw material exports of Russia will double comparing 2016

В 2024-2026 гг несырьевой экспорт России удвоится к объёмам 2016 года

“Till 2024-2026 year we plan to double non-raw material exports (in USD). The task is ambitious, but achievable”, – said Alexei Likhachev, first Deputy Minister of economic development of Russia at East economic forum “Far East focus of Russian exports.”

According to him, in increasing non-raw exports is one of the opportunities for Russian economic growth. The development of exports is one of the country’s priorities in Russia where a national system of export support, corresponding to world practice, is created. “The goal is to revive the export hub as a single export Institute. It means working with partners around the globe. In parallel, we are reforming the legislative framework. And finally, with budget constraints, we are able to increase the export flow. Maybe irregularly, but we’ll get increase”, – said the Deputy Minister.

In 2015, when the Bank created the Russian export centre (REC) with the mode of “one window”. A network of “trading houses” – foreign missions of the REC to help promote Russian goods – is in the process too. “In the near future “trading house” will be opened in Vietnam and China. That, we believe, will provide additional opportunities for export to these countries”, – said Alexei Likhachev.

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