Isuzu Russia will present the all-wheel drive NMS 3.5 in 2017

Isuzu D-Max. Photo: Isuzu Motors

In 2016 Russian car market fell by 11% with a score of on 40’000 machines less than in crisis 2009. Most of the automakers have reduced sales, but there were also those companies that were able to avoid this sad result. One of them was the Japanese Isuzu, which represents on our market mainly commercial vehicles – small tonnage, medium-and heavy-duty trucks. According to results of 2016 the company sold 617 of its vehicles, which equals sales of Isuzu in 2015. Thus, in December 2016, the Japanese automaker was able to increase its sales by 114%, up to 122 cars. The best positive dynamics were able to show only Foton, Smart and Jaguar.

In autumn 2016, Isuzu introduced to the Russian market a new model – pick-up Isuzu D-Max value of 1’765’000 RUR. This price was slightly above the competitors in the segment represented by Fiat Fullback / Mitsubishi L200, but lower than sales leaders on the Russian market among foreign cars pickups – Volkswagen Amarok and Toyota Hilux. In less than four months of 2016 the company was able to sell 40 D-Max, but in the future they are looking with optimism.

Head of the marketing department Isuzu Russia Yevgeny Bolnokina shared details about introduction Isuzu D-Max on the market with magazine E-Vesti.

E.Bolnokina: Launch of the project took place in the midst of crisis. Economic crisis – a time of great opportunity. After the Russian market pick-ups left – Nissan Navarra and NP-300, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50, customers can make their choice only between three models – Mitsubishi L200 / Fiat Fullback, Toyota Hilux and UAZ. And even if our model’s sales are not so large in absolute terms, but this segment is currently showing growth. In addition, the pick-up – it’s not just passenger car adapted to overcome off-road, but still a little generic high cross truck, able to solve many transport problems for a wide range of companies. The demand for such transport in Russia is still stable, as an alternative to this type of car is not there. Our pickup corresponds to these criteria perfectly.

E-Vesti: Tell me, who is the main buyer of D-Max? In what regions it is more popular?

E.Bolnokina: Basically, our pick-up private traders take. In the meantime, it is difficult to analyze the situation in the regions, because sales are not sufficient.

E-Vesti: In January 2017 the prices for a commercial line of Isuzu rose by about 3%. Here, for example low-tonnage chassis ELF 3.5 is now standing by 2’100’000 RUR, which is 60’000 RUR more than it was previously. What is the reason? Is there planned increase in prices for D-Max?

E.Bolnokina: The increase in prices – a natural process caused by inflation. As for the D-Max cars, increase in prices for it we do not plan to.

E-Vesti: Tell us, is the company preparing any novelties for the Russian market? For example, what are the prospects of the appearance an SUV mu-X in Russia?

E.Bolnokina: Regarding the mu-X, it is no plans to display on our market this model. But novelties 2017 we, of course, represent. They will concern the cargo segment. In 2017 in our model lineup will appear all-wheel drive car NMS, the total weight of 3.5, and a model FORWARD.