Important changes in the laws came into force in Russia in January 2017


According to information received by “E Vesti” from a reputable company Rödl&Partner, there were significant changes in Russian legislation from January 1, 2017.

First, we are talking about the temporary possession and use of intellectual property rights were assigned to big deals (Law No. 343-FZ). Furthermore, the list of exclusions of the term “big deals” (leading to a change of scale of the company or cessation of its activities) was expanded, the procedure of identifying “big deal” was changed, and list of persons entitled to file a claim for recognition of invalid transaction was changed. The mandatory approval of the transaction with interest is now replaced by the duty of notice of the participants in advance. Rödl&Partner recommends making the appropriate changes in the constituent documents if company could be affected by the law on big deals.

Second, print media are faced with a change in the law №77-FZ “About obligatory copy of documents”, according to which they must now, in addition to the printed version of the new issue on the day of printing, to send to ITAR-TASS, the Russian State Library (RSL) and Rospechat (the Federal Agency for press and mass communications) digital sample is within 7 days from the day of issue.

Thirdly, simplified operations with real estate (218-FZ “On state registration of real estate”). The unified state register of real estate (or EGRN) contains summary information of cadaster and registration of real estate; it now replaces the cadastral chamber, and can accept documents for registration (registration of rights to real estate) in any regional division of the country. Registration of real estate began to happen faster, within 10 days, and now one statement report shows a complete list of operations on the property. Cadastral valuation is now in the exclusive right of the state (237-FZ “On state cadastral evaluation”).

Sources: Rödl & Partner

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