IMF: the emigration of Eastern European countries, undermining their economies

МВФ: эмиграция стран Восточной Европы подрывает их экономику

Experts from the International Monetary Fund on 20 July 2016 published a study of emigration from Eastern Europe and its consequences.

As a result of the departure of highly skilled workers the economy has lost the growth of GDP and the level of profit. The greatest negative influence on the profit level was observed in Croatia (-5%), the lowest – in Latvia (-0.7%).

Researchers believe that applying a policy of retaining, attracting and better use of qualifications, including those who will be able to return, the problem can be solved.

In continuation of 1990-2012 year from East, Central and South-Eastern Europe has left in emigration, about 20 million people (approximately 5.5% of the population).

41% of them moved to Germany, 11% in Italy, 9% USA, 8% in Spain, 4% in Austria.