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Hunting and fishing in Russia 2016

Охота и рыболовство на Руси 2016

About customary rights to have a rest with dignity closer to nature

On February 24-28, 2016 at ENEA in Moscow, the 39 exhibition Hunting and fishing in Russia was held. She has had great success with the public and was marked by queues at the entrance to the exposition. It was visited by not only the professionals associated with the industry, but foremost by the people who understand the value of recreation on the landscape. Many people came with their families.

Such attention is not accidental. The subject brings us back to the traditional occupations of our ancestors, awakens our genetic memory. “Forest trapper and Bortnik (the gatherer of the honey of wild bees – approx.ed.) – the earliest type, clearly revealed in the history in the history of Russian national economy», – wrote historian Professor V. O. Klyuchevsky. Before 1917 each family was involved in hunting and fishing (the furs included in an ancient princely tax “from a smoke”, i.e. from each house), without a fish Orthodox Lents were unthinkable – it takes more than half the year. In general all the families practiced fishing.

Initially, water and forests were common, a community. Then they gradually weте under the rule of the landowners, and in the 20th century ерун were transferred to the state, which increasingly regulate the industry today. Already in the 18th century forest guards (Foresters) and the huntsman institutions were established to support access to nature and control it. So people are moving away from traditional occupations, which become a hobby for part of the society.

Who is engaged in hunting and fishing today?

Interviewing more than a dozen companies, we have received about everywhere one answer – a Mature male (40-50 years and above), often with friends and wives. From the trends of today were also notes the influxes of young people and of foreign tourists (the latter mostly for premium hunting trips).

Opportunities for hunting are common everywhere, throughout our homeland. The main water flows for recreation are lake Baikal, the Ob, the Volga and Astrakhan.

Active recreation, appealing to masculinity and tradition, is also largely determined by the preferences of its organization. The client, firstly, is enlightened, enthusiastic, and knows his desires. Secondly, he is well-informed, targeted and requires the most relevant functional targets.

For example, heated seats and massager, audio and video devices or other items having a huge popularity in expensive premium cars, when purchasing items of active recreation (boats, yachts, ATVs …) doesn’t occupy the main place. Echolot – a device for measuring the bottom and (often) for the detection of fish is estimated above.

Briefly about industry trends

As a result of alienation from the natural practice, modern man has acquired a tendency for overexploitation of nature. If people previously lived on earth from generation to generation was taking care about preservation in a natural way, in times of mobility and concentration in cities it is not perceived as a nurse and needs to be protected. Modern companies – for example,, according to Andrey Alekhin, has made the main slogan “Catch and then release” taking care of preserving fish for posterity. The same slogan we fing in Utes company. So the business gets a natural social function.

Environment preservation is also a concern of the organizers of the hunt. According to the representative of the company by Jacques-Plus employees and the huntsman, mostly professional soldiers, guarding the waters and the areas from poachers.

The tourism industry in general during a recession was under the influence of the change in consumer behavior. Government support for the industry is not applied. The client of economy and middle class took the brunt and “held” the money intended for leisure. The market decline amounted to 50%. Today, however, having recovered from the shock, making sure that government policies have changed for the long haul, the consumer is beginning to spend money again. The abundance of visitors gives Russian companies, and especially manufacturers, optimism.

The premium segment of consumer behaviour has not changed. Deputy General Director of the company Fishleader Anton Zinoviev supplying to Russia the American boats and boats from the USA, said that the demand for these products does not fall. Wealthy client that appreciates in addition to the technical characteristics of the overseas board and quality welds, the ideality of lines and of parts not changed to your preferences. These photos of the vessel cost about 7 million rubles.

Foreigners coming to hunt at a cost of $5’000 and above gained from exchange rate. For the Russians the change in the ruble polivy worsened the situation.

The loans for purchases carried out on the General conditions of consumer crediting. To the question: “do you Have a special programme of loan and leasing?”, – no one responded positively. They only said thinking about it. Maybe it’s better?

The recreation, combined with the practice of ancestors

A wide range of people of moderate means can afford to relax at home with fishing and hunting. Relative price stability is attractive to fans of foreign holidays in the recession. Instead of the Turkish beaches you can go to a nearby hunting or fishing fleet and dive into a closer and healthy natural exercise. Modern infrastructure gives the opportunity to combine fishing with rehabilitation (so called SPA), with an acquaintance with amazing nature and historical sites. You can individualize your vacation, choose the best place for yourself, friends and family and to buy the right equipment. The recreation far from home and more individual, comfortable is more expensive.

Muscovites on Saturdays are going on a “Weekend in style Trophy”. A column of personal off-road vehicles is formed (according to the representative of the company’s Trophy life, often is contains UAZ, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz G-Class) and ride with an instructor on interesting trails nearby.

Family holidays in the yacht club Novo-rozhdestvenno allows to fish, to ride on yachts and boats, to enjoy a SPA treatment. Rent of the boat for 1 hour will cost you between 5’000, a steam room from 2’000 RUB, rent a hotel room – 5’000.

Among options away from Moscow, offered at the exhibition, family holidays on the Caspian sea and Kamchatka seemed to us particularly interesting.

In the Caspian sea (Astrakhan), in addition to hunting and fishing, area is arranged for family holiday (by Venice in the Caspian sea) with play area for children; there is possible to do horseback riding or water skiing. But the thing that promises to be particularly informative – the possibility of organizing excursions in Saray-Batu (once the former capital of the Golden Horde) and to Lotus fields. Accommodation in a local hotel will cost 2’500 RUB, tickets Moscow-Astrakhan-Moscow – about 7’500 RUB, stay overall – 24’000 rubles per person.

About Kamchatka I was enthusiastically told by my father, who happened to be there, to admire nature and to swim in the geysers. According to him, out of the totality of Russian two attractions have a special charm: the lake Baikal and Kamchatka. When my father visited almost all tourist places of the Soviet Union and had a fine artistic taste.

Kamchatka is a unique fishing and hunting, and, as we told the experts, your client, who goes there for years every season. In addition, tourists are attracted by volcanoes, thermal hot springs and rookeries of sea animals. The ticket Moscow-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-Moscow costs around 30’000, helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers – from 35,000 rubles. The holiday cost not less than 100’000 RUR. This service is offered by companies the Utesand Zhakan-Plus.

Now about the individual approach…

If desired, anyone can pick up private holiday inventory. Suggestions for beginners with learning and/or support and suggestions for passionate lovers-Amateurs, who know the hunting and fishing almost at the level of professionals, buying a professional tool, equipment and leisure – everything is elaborated now. An example of such products by St. Petersburg – based Atlantic company. Hooks, fishing rods, clothing, professional equipment – why not just invented for recreation!

Dedicated transport consists of water sports (boats, motor boats, yachts, kayaks…) and off-road vehicles.

River and marine boats, motor boats, yachts – a list of water transport is manufactured in Russia. The cost of water transport has to start from 10’000 to millions of rubles.

Economy boats are sold by Methodius, Troe v lodke, Poseidon and the Fregat.

According to Samir Akhmedov (Commodore and Yacht club Novo-rozhdestvenno), famous Russian fishing boats Silver and Rusbat will cost from 500’000 in plastic forms and 715’000 aluminium company commander (we mean the boat+trailer+motor). On Russian-made equipment motors of global manufacturers Suzuki, Honda, Mercury and others are installed, high quality materials are also imported. In transport all modern trends in security, including the autopilot are represented. North Silver Pro model are equipped with unsinkable blocks that will not allow the ship to sink.

Тtechnical maintenance of one water funds will require 15’000-20’000 a season. Storage vessel at the yacht club is possible for a fee.

Purchased vehicle can be supplied with various options, both on acquisition and subsequently when used. Options are mounted on the transport with universal holders for factory-installed or optional. These products are offers in Russia (as well as supplies around the world, including Antarctica), the Ukrainian company Borika. The greatest demand they see for fish finders and holders for fishing rods.

All-terrain trucks for needs of fishing and hunting will cost around 100’000 rubles. These units are produced in Kaluga (full-size collapsible Tarus), in Arkhangelsk(Paxus, Koira). Russian cross-country vehicles equipped with overseas Chinese and Japanese engines Lifan, Honda, Yamaha.

As we were explained by the Deputy Director of the Arkhangelsk company Kaira Artem V. Degtyarev, Russian equipment is very popular among European consumers, in particular, a powerful good-quality Russian equipment Koira allows us to ship 90 kg trophies, and to pull a 350 kg. Thus, unlike the Yamaha, the company’s towing does not require rights, because this is of secondary importance for transportation. The company plans to develop the production of motorcycles and ATVs and become the No. 1 in the Russian market.

Summing up, we can talk about hunting and fishing in Russia has great prospects, both for the customer and for the manufacturer. Thanks to the monetary policy of the state, the demand for domestic tourism and active recreation will continue to grow. Besides, due to this relaxation, there is a possibility of introducing them to healthy thoughts and eco-friendly food. Fishing products from river or sea are too rare in Moscow…

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