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Helicopters. Realized dreams of the sky

The desire to fly, although it is not one of basic human needs, is originated in ancient times, when human looked at the sky and birds. Souls of some people sought to tear the body off the ground. Not supplied by the wings in the creation of the world, they tried to replace them with artificial devices in ancient times (remember the Greek Icarus) – and by the 20th century have greatly succeeded in this by creating planes and helicopters.

Ballooning as the industry has emerged in our country in the 19th century. In 1885 was formed the “Personnel team of military aeronauts” under the leadership of A. M. Kovanko; in 1912 the Military air forces of Russia was created. Nikolay Ilyich Kamov – Soviet scientist who invented the helicopter “Ka”, invented the Russian word vertolet (helicopter). The first Russian serial helicopter was created under the leadership of Mikhail Mil in December 1952 in Saratov.

Aircraft today are at the service of the state, aimed at differents puposes including saving lives, they are available to fly and rent, but a limited number of people can purchase it. In Russia at the end of March 2016 the Federal air transport Agency registered 8’549 of the civil aircrafts, including 2’651 helicopters. The oldest helicopter in Russia is aged 44 years.

Driving a private helicopter requires “Testimony of pilot,” which is available in authorized centers on the basis of 2-3 month learning and costs 1’452’000 RUR. The cost of the helicopter starts from 250’000 RUB (used the American Robinson r44) or from 600’000 RUB (new Robinson r44). According to statistics, in Russia helicopter flies in a year an average of 100 hours and requires 2 servicings ($6’000 annual maintenance).

The main manufacturer of helicopters in Russia – holding company “Helicopters of Russia”. It occupies 94% of the market of helicopters of Russia and 10% in the world market. In addition, the HeliVert plant in the Moscow region localized AgustaWestland AW139. Despite our General willingness to buy domestic products, for example, Mi-8, it is not easy – you will need permission of the Ministry of defense and about $12’000’000. Class type Robinson r44 is not yet offered to customers. The Russian-made helicopters in Russia are implemented mainly on the secondary market.

The Russian helicopter fleet is characterised by a gradual decline in the share of Russian helicopters, an increase of medium and light segments and the decrease in imports of helicopters and helicopter equipment. The situation in these segments could change with a full launch of multi-purpose light helicopter Ansat (Kazan helicopter plant). He has recently been revealed in the VIP version at the exhibition HeliRussia 2016.

Ansat helicopter of Rostech

In addition to the use of helicopters in practical life, there is also a helicopter sport, born in 1958. This sport is one of the 9 types of aircraft sport; it is not among the Olympics and therefore is not receiving significant support from the state. Why do people fly today? – we asked the Executive Director of the Federation of helicopter sport of Russia” Alexander A. Yudahin.

Alexander A. Yudahin. Federation of helicopter sport of Russia

“First, it is an international recognition, – he answered, – secondly, a desire to prove that man can fly more than from point “A” to point “B”. And, thirdly, the adrenaline”.

“50% of our pilots are private amateur pilots. They also prepare their children to fly, – says Alexander, – the rest are professional pilots”. He also underline that “our pilots are the best in the world” and that a significant proportion of pilots are women. The largest Russian pilots today are a beautiful ladies Galina Schpigovskaya and Lubov Gubar.

In Russia and in the world (since 1971) helicopter competitions are conducted, which includes 4 types of exercises. The events are for fans and for those who made sport helicopter part of their lives. At helicopter events, in addition to sports, you can relax with family and to fly. Thus, for a wide range of young explorers of the sky and the older people have the ability of flight and the realization of dreams. Nearest events are following:

June 10-11, 2016 at the airport “Chernoe” in the Balashikha district of the Moscow region will take place the “Vertoslet”.

July 15-17, 2016 will be held the Open championship of Russia at the airport Konakovo in the Tver region.