Green chemistry leads to company’s wealth

Green chemistry leads to company's wealth

Chemical company Amgen, issuing biotechnological cure, including 6 items supplying to Russia, published article at Nature magazine sharing its successful experience in implementing «Green chemistry» principles. Now, upon the company’s view, those, who doesn’t follow the principles, may be unactual on the market.

The principles of “green chemistry” imply the restructuring of business processes to reduce the use of resources and energy, harm to nature, reducing the toxicity of drugs.

Here is a list of ideas of green chemistry: atom economy, minimizing the use of solvents, optimization of reagents, one-time production of parts of the molecules, reducing energy consumption, analysis of the reaction in real-time and safety as priority. Taken together, these measures are designed not only to improve the state of the planet, but also to increase the profitability of the company by saving resources.

Amgen was able to increase profitability with the introduction of “green chemistry”. According to the company, all this was not a matter of one day, but systematic work with motivation and training of personnel at all levels, financing of innovations, cooperation with other companies.

As a result, the Pacific Sustainability Index in 2012, the company entered the top three (A+) on social and environmental indicators, and in 2007 had a bad C+.

In the last decade, the transition to “green chemistry” successfully implemented the world’s pharmaceutical giants: Merck Group, Abbott, Johnson & Johnson and Roche.

Sources: Nature, Amgen

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