Graduate school of business and Graduate School of management was named the best business schools of the Russian Federation

Graduate school of management campus. Photo:

Graduate school of business of Lomonosov Moscow state University (GSBA MSU) is recognized as one of the best business schools in the world (in Top 100) and as one of the best business schools in Eastern Europe (in Top 10) in the international ranking of business schools Eduniversal in 2016.

In the Russian rating GSBA MSU takes its second place, yielding the first place to the colleagues of the graduate School of management (GSOM) of St. Petersburg. GSBA MSU and SPBU GSOM are unique business schools in Russia with a strong global significance (5 palm trees).

Eduniversal based in Paris (France) composes rankings of business schools since 2007 (they are selected on the basis of vote of 1’000 deans on the best business schools in the world). The rating is formed by 11 internationally recognized experts. Business school are located in 154 countries and divided into 9 geographical zones: Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Eurasia and middle East, Asian, far East, Latin America, North America, Oceania and Western Europe.

The rating is based on quantitative and qualitative criteria: the prevalence of education in the country, the number of students with higher education, the historical significance of national educational traditions in the world and so on. At the same time, it takes into account the nature of the international significance of the educational institution the local, regional, continental, international and global (the highest, 5 trees).