“Gods and heroes of Ancient Greece” from the best Greek museums visited Moscow

Opening of "Gods and heroes of Greece" at Russian History Museum

The exhibition “Gods and heroes of Ancient Greece” is opened in the New Exhibition Hall of the State Historical Museum on November 16, 2016. The Moscow residents and visitors of capital will be able to see the pieces of ancient art of cultures that arosed, blossomed and faded in ancient Greece during the time of its existence.

Geographically, the ancient Greek civilization includes the Balkan Peninsula, Aegean region, South Italy and the Black sea region. The time frames of the civilizations begin from the III millennium BC (the Creton civilization) and end in I century BC, with the Roman conquest.

The exhibition has been organized the way it is equally interesting for the beginners, because it exposes a brief clear introduction to the ancient Greek history, and for the experts as well, giving them a chance to remember their trips to this beautiful country and visits of its rich museums. The relics of the ancient civilization anthemised by Homer, the arms of the military campaigns of Alexander the Great, silver and gold coins with images of sovereigns and gods and much more exhibits are available to visitors.

Статуя Артемиды, II в н.э. / Statue of Artemis, 2nd century AD

Religion that appeared in the archaic period had a decisive impact on culture of the ancient Greeks in all fields. The Greeks represented the gods in the images of beautiful people living in beautiful places – thus the Greek statuary and architecture got an unsurpassed elegance. A world outlook, morality, applied art, architecture, philosophy, science and creations of the greek people, which inspire the whole world, began from beliefs. The information boards of the exhibition, thoughtfully provided by a Greek architect around the perimeter of the exhibition, briefly tell us about the religious and historical context of the exhibits.

The exhibition is held in the framework of the cross-year of Russia and Greece and has been organized at a high level. A minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, an ambassador of Greece in Russia Andreas Fryganas, a special presidential envoy for international cultural cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi, and other officials took part in the opening ceremony. According to director of the museum, Phd Alexey Levykin, “it was the Greek party who proposed to hold the exhibition in the Historical Museum. For us, the proposal was unexpected. Mikhail Shvydkoi was the person who offered the Greek party to do it. So, he is the founder of the exhibition”.

Егоров Алексей Георгиевич, Член Совета Директоров, Зам. Генерального директора АО «Северсталь Менеджмент»

Severstal holding had honor to became the sponsor of the exhibition. A deputy general director of “Severstal” JSC, Alexey Yegorov personally visited the opening and watched the exhibition with satisfaction. He agreed to tell us about the reasons for the support of the exhibition and his future plans.

Egorov A.: This exhibition is unique, because the exhibits of 22 Greece museums have been assembled here. It is impossible to see so many exhibits in Greece, even if you go there for a month (I have been to Greece more than once). The basis of all European culture, including Russian one, is the myths and legends of ancient Greece, gods and heroes. They taught us good moral values.

E Vesti: Please, tell me, is it the first time you support the Greek exhibition?

Egorov A.: Yes, it is the first time. I think that it is not the first Greek exhibition in the Historical Museum, but it is the first time we support the Greek exhibition. Even though the company “Severstal” does not yet have any business interests in Greece.

Статуя Диониса, 150-175 гг н.э. / Statue of Dionysus 150-175 AD

We have done more than 20 projects with the Historical Museum, but these projects were mainly domestic. Now, an exhibition “To the benefit and glory of the Fatherland” is also held in the Historical Museum and it is also supported by us. Moreover, the exhibits from my collection are also present there. I have a large collection of Russian and European watercolors, drawings, bronze sculptures.

E Vesti: Do you plan to support “the Greeks” in the future?

Egorov A.: We’ll see. Perhaps, we have other projects for now. First of all, in Cherepovets, where we have the main company, we plan to hold one of the exhibitions. I have just talked about it with the director of the museum. Next year, we will support other exhibitions. So, the work continues.


The exhibition “Gods and heroes of ancient Greece” includes 135 works of art from museums and private collections in Greece. The National archaeological Museum in Athens, Acropolis Museum, Museum of the Ancient Agora, the Museum of epigraphy and numismatics, the Museum of Cycladic art, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and other museums have joined the exhibition. They have brought their collections of sculpture, ceramics, metal wares and coins to Moscow. The exhibition is supported by lectures and excursions of the Museum.

The exhibition will run until February 15, 2017. Hopefully, there will be more projects on cultural exchange between Russia and Greece, devoted to ancient, Byzantine and modern periods.

Red-figure pelike depicting Gigantomachy Circa 400 BC

Краснофигурная пелика с изображение Гигантомахии, около 400 г. до н.э. / Red-figure pelike depicting Gigantomachy Circa 400 BC
Краснофигурная пелика с изображение Гигантомахии, около 400 г. до н.э. / Red-figure pelike depicting Gigantomachy Circa 400 BC

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