Global sales of Hyundai decreased in 2016

Hyundai i30. Photo: Hyundai Motor

Global sales of Hyundai Motor reached 4`857`933 vehicles in 2016. It is 2.1% less than in 2015 year. Sales revenue grow up to 80.7 billion USD (+1.8%), and operating profit decreased to 4.5 billion USD (-18.3%).

The decline in car sales caused by series of labor strikes and continued economic stagnancies in emerging markets. In 2017 Hyundai Motor expects the business environment to be ever more uncertain due to continued sluggish global economy and possibility of increase in protectionist trade policies.

Meanwhile, in 2016 in Europe for the second year in a row sales of Hyundai Motor grew and reached 505’396 vehicles (+7.5%).

Nevertheless, Hyundai Motor will launch variety of new cars and boost sales of SUVs, Genesis models and eco-friendly models.

Source: Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Motor