Global ecomony outlook 2016

Прогноз развития мировой экономики на 2016 год.

International Monetary fund, United Nations and The World bank note, that growth of world economy 2015 was low – 2.4%.

IMF predicts in 2016 small global growth at 3.2%. Restoration of the economy growth will continue starting from 2017 due to developing countries.

According to United Nations, in 2016 global economy will increase by 2.9% and it will be up 3.2% in 2017. It is supposed, that key growth factors will show developed countries. Thus, role of locomotive will be transferred from developing to developed countries.

The World Bank expects in 2016 global growth by 2.9%. Considerable slowing down on the developing markets will decelerate growth in developed countries.

As for Russia, international forecasts don’t predict us pretty life. Increase in bank rate will cause capital flow-out, creation of Trans-Pacific Partnership (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and perspectives of signing Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership will lead to re-direction of investment and trade to participants of the unions (Russia is excluded from it). The unions mean 40% of global GDP and 60% accordingly. USA is member of both unions.

Sources: IMF, World Bank, United Nations