Genetics to trace Jewish roots in the Indian community Ben-Israel

Генетики проследили еврейские корни в индийской общине Бен-Исраэль

In Western India there is an ancient Jewish community Ben-Israel (Sons of Israel). Jewish sources say that it is perhaps the only one in the two millennia of its existence saw no pogroms in the world and lived with Indian in piece. Members of the community have always talked about Jewish origins, in 1974 they received recognition from the Israeli Rabbinate.

Until the 18th century the community was little known to the world community. About its existence the world has been visited by her Cochin Jews and Christian preachers. According to legend, it was founded by 14 survivors from the shipwreck of people from Samaria who settled here and lived in observance of Jewish customs. Its origin from the Jewish people now proved by science.

Tel Aviv University, Cornell University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine conducted genetic research proved the origin of the Jewish community. At the same time, Jewish blood was to a considerable extent mixed with Indian.

Sources: United Press International, American friends of Tel-Aviv University, ScienceDaily, Beit Hatfutsot.

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