Energy industry

Gazprom will create a network of 488 filling stations until the end of 2018

In 2016, “Gazprom” creates 35 automobile gas-filling compressor stations. Until the end of 2018, the company will bring the number of filling stations in Russia up to 488 units.

According to the press service of JSC “Gazprom” natural gas is the most economical, environmentally friendly and safe fuels that meet Euro-5 and Euro-6. The cost of one cubic meters of natural gas motor fuel in Russia averages 13 RUB. In 2015, the group sold 436 million cubic meters of natural gas fuel (7.3% by 2014).

The largest company of Russia considers a priority of the promotion of motor fuel based on natural gas. In the framework of the project Gazprom created a specialized unit named “Gazprom gas fuel”.

Gazprom believes that the Park of motor transport in Russia should grow by 15-20 thousand units a year, for the market could grew steadily.

This will require state support for such sales in the next 3-5 years, including the equalization of prices with negotiatory peers and subsidize the purchase of CNG vehicles for the period 2017-2020 years in the amount not less than 3 billion rubles annually.

Gazprom also recommends the heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation to develop regional and municipal programs for the promotion of regional NGV fuel markets.



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