Gazprom in 2015 will save resources and reduce environmental damage

The largest, according to RiaRating, company in Russia named Gazprom has made progress in environmental protection and economic efficiency. So, in 2015, the company saved fuel and energy resources in the amount of 7.8 billion rubles. Gas Emissions level fell by 7.3% compared to 2014, water consumption – by 7.8%.

In addition, the company has organized a series of events that restore nature. In 2015, planted more than 140 thousand trees and bushes, cleared of debris more than 28 thousand hectares of land, more than 330 bodies of water, provided assistance to 20 specially protected areas, the works on the recovery of fish stocks in Russian rivers.

Ecological success of the company owes much to the Foundation in 2007 of the coordinating Committee of PJSC “Gazprom” focused on protection of the environment. Thus a comprehensive approach and coordination of efforts in the field of environmental protection and cooperation with environmental organizations was provided.

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