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Gazprom has mastered the full cycle of advanced technologies of production of shale oil

Пальяновское месторождение. ХМАО. Фото "Газпром нефть"

In 2009, the US became the world leader in gas production. The media wrote that the rapid growth of shale gas production has been achieved by fracturing. The same technology for production of shale oil has successfully mastered the company “Gazprom Neft”.

Hydraulic fracturing (HF) method, where oil/gas-containing rock by the application of a solution, pumped under high pressure, forming a network of cracks and channels. Through these channels the oil flows faster and easier. With multi-stage fracturing is carried out several operations (stages) hydraulic fracturing, which is several times increases the area of selection of “black gold”.

In July 2016, the company first in Russia conducted a 30 stage hydraulic fracturing. This time was used such technologies as “elastic cement”, “hydraulic hybrid” and Elkwater (Silk Water). Foreign companies which use these technologies for effective development of shale deposits.

Elastic cement provides a reliable insulation in the hydraulic fracturing. Hybrid fracturing generates many cracks of channels instead of a single crack. Silk Water – technology improvements feed solution by reducing parasitic friction of the solution on the borehole wall.

ccording to first Deputy General Director of “Gazprom oil” Vadim Yakovlev, a constant search of advanced, efficient technologies of production is an important component of the Technological strategy of the company and ensures the development of reserves, development of which had previously been unprofitable.

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