Future innovations in customs clearance procedures

22-24 June 2016 delegation of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) and the Association of European Businesses visited Italy to study the experience of Authorized economic operators (AEO).

The procedure, which has already been introduced in Russia, involves the transfer of customs authority to the Eurasian company (the importer or exporter of goods) under certain conditions specified by the state. The company of the EEU (Eurasian economic Union) at the same time gets the opportunity of the clearance of goods under the simplified procedure.

Experience in the application of AEO in international, it is based on the idea of separation of powers between the state and business, but it has a development in each country. In this case, the delegations have studied the experience of the application of the procedure the “fast corridor” in Genoa, where the product IKEA passes the customs before arriving in Italy, while it is at sea.

As part of the development of the new customs code of the EAEU, the EEC Delegation was interested in the experience of Italy. “Directions of development of progressive information technologies of customs administration and business development of customs clearence are very similar in the EU and the EAEC,” – said the head of the delegation of the EEC, EAEC, Minister Mukai Kadyrkulov.

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