French airlines to invest in cheap flights Transavia

Французские авиалинии инвестируют в дешёвые полёты Трансавиа

According to La croix, air Air France-KLM group plans to invest in the project low-cost flights in its branch Transavia, followed by companies Lufthansa / Germanwings and British Airways / Vueling. Low-cost flights is a budget flight in the manner of the American South-West airlines when the price of tickets is minimized. The reduction in ticket prices is due to cost reduction: use of low-cost airports, a small number of staff, reservation of tickets online etc. At the moment, about 40% of the European air market is presented by such flights. Russian Aeroflot announced the launch of Dobrolet budget project at the end of 2014. // Paris// 14/10/2014, Source: La Croix

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