Former Soviet houses of the young technician will turn into quarteriums

According to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, 1’200 children will be trained in child Technopark “Kvantorium” at Technopolis “Moscow” on the area of 1100 m2. Children’s parks Quarterium is another project in the framework of additional education, inheriting the Soviet Houses of the young technician.

It aims at turning games for kids into the opportunity to design and simulate technical innovations and will give students innovative scientific and practical knowledges like:

  1. Nanotechnology and neurobiology (Neuroquantum)
  2. Microbiology and biotechnology (Bioquantum)
  3. Space applications (Cosmoquantum)
  4. Futuretransport (Autoquantum)
  5. Small unmanned aircraft like drones (Aeroquantum)
  6. Small innovative shipbuilding (Energyquantum)
  7. Mechatronics and applied programming (Roboquantum)
  8. Geoinformatics (Geoquantum)
  9. Programming and information security (IT-quantum)

Children of 5-18 years old here will not only learn the essence of foreign names, but also will join the research, modeling, constructing and working with data. The graduates will become the future of Russian engineering.

By December 2016 it is planned to enter 20 children’s parks in 18 regions of the country. In the development of educational programs scientific and educational institutions are involved as follows: MIPT, MAMI, US and MGTU after Bauman, corporations — Rosatom, the United rocket and space Corporation “Energia”, Russian technologies state Corporation. The purpose of the introduction is to prepare future cadres of science and industry.

The project is implemented with the support of the state (funding includes Federal grant, the regional and extra-budgetary sources) and private companies (partners program Rosatom, ENERGIA, Gazprom, LUKOIL, Evalar, SKOLKOVO).

The mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin at the opening of Quarterium noted that it’s “just part of the global programme, which is implemented in Moscow.” Such points will be opened in all administrative districts of Moscow within walking distance.

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