Media review

Foreign media: Growth of consumption in China, Paris Agreement, Women in Finance

Foreign newspapers write about Russia. First of all, that our country “made friends” with Turkey again and signed an agreement on Turkish Stream. French media sneer on the planned visit of the Russian President, which will not take place, and a meeting with President F. Hollande, who has not found what to talk about with a colleague. In addition, there are some interesting topics, which we offer below.

Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced that the contribution of domestic consumption to the economic growth of China reached 73.4% in the first half of 2016. Retail sales of consumer goods amounted to $3.1 trillion in January-August 2016 (+10.3% YoY). It should be noted that the government pays great attention to the development of the domestic turnover, as the tool of growth of domestic consumption and through it economic growth.

The income of the China Mail, the national postal operator, totaled $65.3 billion in 2015 year (+8.1% YoY). Net profit rose to $4.8 billion (+12.6%). Mail China takes 2nd place in the world industry by turnover, and the first by profit. The head of the State post office Ma Tzunshen said that the government will support the improvement postal reform to form a cluster with international competitiveness. He also noted that the postal industry plays a significant role in stimulating consumption and the elimination of poverty. Over 10 years of reform, the volume of transactions in the sector increased by 7.3 times, while revenues by 10.4 times.

Minister of health and Mayor of Paris opened the first supervised injection site (“salle de shoot”) in France. It provides a sanitary environment, sterile equipment, checking of drugs for purity, assists in case of overdose. Similar sites opened in Canada, Denmark, Germany and other countries – about 100 centers in more than 60 cities. Facilities are used in areas where a lot of drug addicted with the aim of avoiding public drug consumption and reducing crime.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and UK banks, including HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Banking Group, signed Women in Finance Charter, which commits to having at least 30% of women in senior positions by 2021. Now Britain’s financial services have the widest gender pay gap, at 39.5%, compared to 19.2% across the whole economy. 10 year plan of FCA means 50% of women and 13% of minority ethnic in senior management by 2025.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan E. Kaikiev met with the US and UK ambassadors after the Embassies sent to their citizens alert of potential terrorist attacks in Kyrgyzstan in October 2016. The participants agreed to exchange information and fight together against terrorism.

The Paris agreement of UN on climate change will officially enter into force on November 4, 2016 – one month later the required number of signatories was collected (required 55 countries with a combined volume of greenhouse gas emissions over the 55%). China, which ranks first in greenhouse gas emissions, have ratified the Treaty, reaffirmed his commitment to effectively implement the Paris agreement on climate change.

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