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Federal Russian Statistics Office published estimation on current business activities rate

Federal Russian Statistics Office held research of domestic business activities of 3 branches in December 2014: “mining operations”, “Processing”, “Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water”.

Overall index of business confidence generally decreased by -2% against 2013: it reduced to -7% in mining operations, to -10% in processing, to 4% in electricity, gas and water.

73% managers in mining consider company’s economic situation as “satisfactory” as well as 75% of heads of processing. Production growth is held by taxes, insufficient domestic demand and economic uncertainties. The method is based on industries’ TOP-managers’ estimates which form balance of estimations. Index of business confidence is calculated as average balance of estimations as follows: demand level (backlog of orders), finished stock (with the reversed negative index) and expected output change in the nearest 3 months. // Moscow // 24/12/2014, Source: Federal Russian Statistics Office