Federal Agency for tourism relies on the affiliate programs to attract tourists in Russia

“Russia will use the affiliate program to promote tourism,” – said the Deputy head of the Federal tourism Agency Sergey Korneev. An example of such a program is the campaign “Time to rest in Russia!”.

It is based on the idea of government investing in tourism, tested on a global scale, which involves the joint advertizing of tourism by the government and market participants. As a result the state will receive money in tax revenue, expanding trade at the expense of the spending of the tourists.

According to the world tourism organization (UNWTO), $1 invested in advertising the country as a tourist destination, for $74 tax and tourist purchases in excess of $400 during the trip.

Russian Federal target program on support of domestic and inbound tourism (FTP) has a budget 97.53 million rubles (about 1.3-1.4 million euros). Annual travel budget of 6 million euros Berlin, London – 12 million euros.

In June 2016, a new phase of the program “Visit Russia/Time to rest in Russia!” began. The number of participants in comparison with the year 2015 has doubled, increased to 30. In addition to advertising relaxation in specific regions, promoted thematic routes: “Russian Arctic,” “Siberia, “Baikal”, “Silver necklace”, “Rivers of Russia”, “Golden Ring”, “southern Russia”, “Eastern Ring”, “Great silk Way”, “Russian Manor” and “Ural Ring”. Travel managers are looking directions, travel journalists in press trips and write about the rest, held the presentation, to accommodate advertising.

In the framework of the program many offices Visit Russia were organized to support tourism in Russia and to provide good connections with travel companies – tour operators.


Visit Russia, Russia Tourism, Russian ministry of Culture.