FAS stands for comparable and stable pharmaceuticals

Игорь Артемьев, руководитель Федеральной антимонопольной службы

“We will try less to deal with cost of drugs, because it is formed outside the country”, – said the Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) Igor Artemyev at a briefing in the Association of European Businesses (AEB) on 06 Mar 2017.

The head of the FAS said that the Agency compares prices of drugs with neighbouring countries, and if producers set prices above it, requests its correction. This approach is called the “method of comparable markets.”

An important step in the management of the industry will become a new law “On fundamentals of state regulation of prices (tariffs)”, which will create conditions for its stable development. First of all, the law will increase the period of action of tariffs.

Another industry event waiting for imminent adoption is the law on compulsory certification of drugs (“compulsory licensing”). It has been developed and submitted for consideration to the government. The basic idea, which was reinterpreted in the framework of the preparation of the legislative initiative is national security, emerging subject of sanctions or non-delivery of medication. The act provides for compensation in case if the manufacturer refuses to deliver the goods to Russia or to import sufficient quantities.

“We have nothing to implement that is not implemented in other countries”, – said Igor Artemyev.