Exposures in memory of painter P.Ryzhenko

Exposure «Pavel Ryhenko. Empire in the last war» completed its work on January 18, 2015. It extended three months from October 15, 2014 and was twice prolonged, because of great interest to the exposition. The canvas are mainly painted in battle genre, which is written in the title of explosure. We visited it with great pleasure, and ascertain, that the painting is undoubtedly represented for those, who love Russian classic art, who revere sacred traditions of I.Repin, A. and V. Vasnetsov, I. Shishkin, I. Glazunov and others.

Pavel Ryhenko was born in 1970, died in 2014 at the age of 44. In 1990-1996 he studied at The Russian Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture, under I. Glazunov. After 1997 he teached there. The painter is a staunch Orthodox monarchist, especially revered tsar- passion bearer Nikolai II and his murdered family. «I hop, that my paintings will wake genetic memory of my contemporaries, pride for the fatherland, and maybe will help spectator to find his own the only correct way», – that is the way the artist determined his goal.

Creative work of P.Ryzhenko, traditional, but at the same time deeply individual, where Russian national subject-matter is absolutely dominated, is labeled as Russian classical realism. Russian heroics stands before us, when we look at the paintings. The artist paints about the glorious heroes of past days, passing their spirit to the viewers. Participants of the World War I are full of dramatic character and eminence. Painting of the spirit and spiritual Odyssey, inspired with comprehension of the history of his Fatherland. Spirit unbroken and until now fighting for the holy Russia.

The same spirit spreads from tireless guide to world of artist’s paintings – his widow Anastasia Ryzhenko, who aspire to pass the ideological component of creations to the viewer, who adds to canvas facts and historical material. Splendid guide, this delicate emotional woman masterly, with poetry, puts hearken guests in a mood of patriotic creations of the gone artist and his love of Russia.

Topics and developing a subject are interesting not from artistic way only, but from historical view too. In our times of mere rationalization and commonplaces, how embarrassingly sounds bright colorful painting on the background of compound historical context. There is no black or white, beginning or end. Canvas «Crown prince» (killed Cesarevitch, humiliated officer in exile and wounded priest), «Brusilov Offensive» (betrayed victory), «Stokhid» (loyal to the oath crushed Preobrazhensky Regiment), «Easter in Paris» (common prayer about motherland, lost and suffering)… reflect multifaceted events in space and in time.

Each paining contains past, war, understanding of war and our modernity, which inherited moral issues of those years. Exceptional value is that the scenes of treachery, defeat, death – dark side of events – is permanently balanced with bright side, humanity and faith in the victory of good.

The second exposure on Krimskiy Val named «Reflecting the era … Historical paintings of P. Ryzhenko» is opened till January 25, 2015. It is still possible to catch. Details on the Websited: Pavel Ryhenko [1], Pavel Ryhenko [2]