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Experts of the advertising industry in favor of self-regulation of advertising in Russia

Experts of the advertising industry

On November 28, 2016 the II conference “Russian advertising under legal restrictions” held in the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The main thread of the conference was the theme of the advertising industry self-regulation and updating the Law on Advertisement.

The experts agreed that the current Law on Advertisement does not meet the requirements of the industry and hampers its development in current conditions after changes occurred in the media and communications environment. A comprehensive work is needed of state agencies and all other organizations of advertising services to update the legal framework.

The conference was attended by representatives of state agencies: Federal Antimonopoly Service Russia – Nikolai Kartashov and Andrey Kashevarov, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Communications of Russia Andrei Volin; and representatives of Russian organizations in the field of media and advertising, mass media and advertisers.

Self-regulatory organization (SRO) – nonprofit organization that brings together individuals on the basis of community activities in order to protect the interests of its members, the development of common standards and rules.

At the conference, the following suggestions and recommendations were made:

1.The speakers supported the need for self-regulation of advertising in Russia unanimously and the creation of self-regulatory organization (SRO) as a potentially effective tool for resolving disputes and conflicts.

2.It was discussed the need to amend the Law on Advertisement in purpose of its actualization in accordance with the economic situation. In particular it is planned to propose changes in the conceptual apparatus, for example to supplement the list of objects of copyright by TV show, in which product information is organically integrated; eliminate or correct ambiguous wording, for example to adjust the wording on the use of swear words in relation to the objects of cultural heritage.

3.The need to liberalize the law on advertising was noted. For example, the following options were proposed: lifting of restrictions on the amount of time to advertising in children’s programs, the removal or easing of prohibitions on advertising of illicit goods (eg tobacco, alcohol).

Source: TPP