Exhibition Siver Age of the Russian culture 2016 is opened

Выставка Серебряный век русской культуры 2016

On April 17, 2016 in Union of the Russian Writers in Moscow International project «Silver age of the Russian culture is opened». The topic «Silver age of the Russian culture» appeared after the exhibition «Golden age of the Russian culture», which travelled successfully to Iran, Germany, Slovakia, Italy and USA.

The exposition – series of exhibition of modern Russian paintures, whose creative work is stylistically and / or subject-matter corresponds to «Silver age». In opening of the exhibition took part works of 15 modern Russian artists.

Target of the project – popularization of the Russian culture and its actual authors in Russia and abroad. Manager of the project Artist TV Andrey Yurchenko commented, that the event aims to help writers and artists to get into contact.

The aim is in accordance with expectations of the artists. Each of them arrived to the exhibition with creations in order to find them worth application.

Natalia Pronina
Natalia Pronina

Designer Natalia Pronina, graduated from graphic design at MRSI, showed here graduate artbook-work in technics of monotyping, dedicated to famous avanguardist of Silver Age Velimir Khlebnikov. Natalia tells, that her experience of such design forced her to dive in author’s world. This diving, which induce the designer to create thinking «how would Khlebnikov do it himself», in its turn, enriches him and motivates to look for new projects – and new experience as well.

V. Khlebnikov (1885-1922) – Russian poet and artist, who graduated from history-philological faculty of St.-Petersburg University and was also axternal student at Kazan art school. He drew and wrote all his life, illustrating own littreraly creations too. Khlebnikov was looking for art directions, tryed to find «Laws of time» and to create «Society of Chiefs of the Earth». He was occupued with creation of new words, which means new words on the basis of slavonic  and other experiments.

Artist Vladimir Paroshin describes his art as «realism of Moscow Sibir-man», because he was born in Siberian Tyumen region, but lived from 1977 in Moscow. Member of the Moscow Artist Union, who holds personal exhibitions in famous gallaries regularly, whose works are essential and bought in Russia and other countries of the world – as we got know, is self-educated. What is surpising, is that realistic subjects were found in depth of consciousness, while dreaming or memoring. Probably, this is the reason why creations being natural in general, express something fairy in houses and trees («magical realism»). From Silver age of the Russian art Vladimir is inspired by poet A. Blok and A. Akhmatova as well as by artist Zinaida Serebryakova.

Alexander Blok (1880-1921) – Russian poet-symbolist, author of cycle «About Wonderful lady», which leaves decadance and writes in more realistic manner then about social problems (poem «12»).

Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966) – Russian poet with bright own style, who«learned women to speak». She entered poesie as akmeist – genre created by her husband poet N. Goumilev. She never left this genre, as well as her faith or people or persuasion.

Zinaida Serebryakova (born Lancere, 1884-1967) – daugther of  famous sculpture, painter of union «World of art» and graphic artist. She drew portraits and landscapes («While dressing», «Sweamer», «Having breakfeat» and others).

Konstantin Slepuhin
Konstantin Slepuhin

Painter Konstantin Slepuhin is also fulfilled and allready has experience of participation in literary projects, including books of V. Pelevin «Generation «P» and Dmitry Ivanov «Where gods have a nights». Graduate from Abramtsevo college after V. Vasnetsov, the artist describe his works as co-existance of different styles and elements. We were unhappy in getting reply on favorite author of Silver age: «It is difficult to underline someone». «Creation for me – is an allegory», – tells the painter and marks, that he aims at impressing actual life.

Styles of the «Silver age» contaned wide range of genres. Painters, represented at the exhibition, are different too. Here, as we think, there is creation on any taste. All interested creators who correspond to the toopic are invited to participate.

Results of Moscow exhibition will be announced in 20s of April 2016. The best works will be chosen by heads of Union of Russian Writers representatives of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by famous Russian artists.

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