Exhibition of Japanese prints in Amsterdam

Выставка японских гравюр в Амстердаме

In the Dutch Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam from 24 June to 11 September 2016, an exhibition of Japanese prints from the collection of Alice Wessel (Wessel Elise) – shows 170 works.

Along with prints, the exhibition presents kimonos, and lacquerware from the collection of Jan Dis (Jan Dees) and Rene van der the Old (René van der Star), posters, leased National museeum of modern art in Tokyo.

The collection includes engravings from the first half of the XX century and it is unique in the Netherlands and one of the best outside of Japan. At the moment it includes more than 2000 prints of exceptional quality which were collected over 25 years.

It presents both the style of Japanese woodblock prints – Shin hanga and Sōsaku hanga, and the collection is even more unique in that it offers almost complete overview of this printing technology during the above period.

DANCER, Kobayakawa Kiyoshi (1899 - 1948). Kleurenhoutsnede op papier, 1932, P0140. Elise Wessels Collection – Nihon no hangaSource: Rijksmuseum

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