EXANTE and SEC: it’s time to become a trader

EXANTE and SEC: it’s time to become a trader

A trader is a person who trades on the stock exchange and tries to earn profit from trading operations. Traders trade stocks, futures, options as well as other assets on the stock exchange. The very essence of the trader’s activity is to buy an asset cheaper and then sell it at a higher price. By the way, you can trade from anywhere. You only need a computer and a stable Internet connection. Proceed with reading this EXANTE broker review to learn more about stock trading.

Trading effectively with the EXANTE brokerage company

To become an effective trader, first, you need to understand that trading is a very complex type of activity that requires complete dedication and discipline. So, you shouldn’t associate stock trading with easy money. Perhaps, it’s somewhat disappointing for you to hear this. To make money trading on the stock exchange, you will need to spend a lot of time and effort. If you are not ready for this, you’d better stay away from this. Moreover, it’s not recommended to tell anybody that you are trading in the stock market until you start making a profit from it. Otherwise, you will meet only misunderstanding and distrust because everyone will look at you as a fool. Most probably people will try to convince you that it’s a scam scheme and there is no chance to make money this way. So, you do not have to make any excuses and prove something. So, you’d better be silent.

There’s no need to invest all the money in the market, take loans, sell a car, etc. Stick with the amount that you will not mind losing if something goes wrong. Otherwise, the psychological pressure will be so great that most likely, especially without trading experience, you will lose all your money.

You’d better consider trading as an additional source of income until you start making a good profit by trading stocks. In the future, trading on the stock exchange may become your primary job a very decent source of income. It all depends on your desire and efforts.

Trading is a very interesting type of activity that will surely captivate you. Here you can find a rich variety of pluses. However, no matter how seriously you approach stock trading, you can’t get started without a broker.

Choosing a broker

A broker happens to be an intermediary between you and the stock exchange. It enables traders to make transactions in the stock market. Choosing the right broker is very important for any trader, in particular, for a beginner.

When choosing a broker for your individual needs, you need to take into account its rating, experience, the size of the initial deposit, not to mention the choice of financial instruments. In this regard, the EXANTE broker definitely leads, with its 100,000 available from a single account.

With this broker, you can work on more than 50 financial markets. It’s another field where EXANTE leaves its competitors behind.

EXANTE trading terminal

Once the choice in favor of a concrete broker has been made, you need to install a trading terminal. By the way, the EXANTE brokerage company offers one of the most advanced trading terminals in the industry. The company created it on its own. The availability of the Drag-n-Drop feature makes this trading platform a leader in terms of user-friendliness. With a click of the mouse, any panel or window can be moved and placed to the required place, thus completing full customization of your working environment. If you look for views about the broker online, you won’t be able to find any negative reviews about the broker’s trading platform.

You can install this trading platform on your desktop computer or smartphone. Go to the broker’s official website to get all the necessary instructions on how to use this software.

Demo trading

Of course, you need to try to trade on a demo account to assess the functionality of the trading terminal. It will help you to explore the stock market, test various trading strategies and learn how to avoid elementary mistakes in stock trading.

After a while, you should not forget to shift to a real trading account. It’s because only a real account can test your ability to tame your emotions. There is nothing terrible in losing virtual money but you will feel that losing real money is totally different. Emotions make many traders lose their head and make the most fatal decisions.

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