Evening of keyboard masterpieces is music for everyone

Evening of keyboard masterpieces is music for everyone

At the Moscow Conservatory on the 18th of June 2016 was held the Evening of keyboard masterpieces, which was played by its brilliant graduates are now well – known musicians, teachers and winners of international competitions Olga Filatova and Alexey Shevchenko.

In the hall was seen kids, boys and girls, men and women of different ages. Everyone seems to have found in this music something of his own, all the faces were focused on her perception and the public long did not release musicians from the audience.

It turned out that this phenomenon is characteristic of today. Classical music is experiencing yet another rise, it attracted ordinary people, tired of the emptiness and vanity. And find emotional harmony, draw new inspiration and sense of life.

The musical program was ancient in form and extremely modern in content and perception. In addition to the concert about it kindly tell us the performers – and this will certainly enrich our experience.

EV: What is the reason for hosting such a wonderful evening?

Alexey Shevchenko
Alexey Shevchenko

Alexey Shevchenko: In this concert season the anniversary of three great composers: J. S. Bach, G. F. Handel and D. Scarlatti is celebrated. They were born in the same year.

EV: How You came up with the idea for this concert?

Alexey Shevchenko: This idea belongs to Olga Filatova.

Olga Filatova: Today’s concert is one of a series of concerts held in the framework of the annual events of the Moscow musical society.” The fact is that I was Deputy Chairman of the Commission for piano at “Moscow musical society” and I am responsible for concert work in Moscow. Tonight we have triple timed to the anniversary, to be celebrated in 2015, but since the 2015/2016 season, the concert is held as part of a season this year. Very curious I thought, at first, to connect the works of anniversaries in one action. Second, the instrumental blend of organ and piano creates a very rich sound, the illusion of the orchestra.

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